Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Grade Six: EQAO Links Page

This links page took me hours to build. During your computer period on Wednesday, March 26th, you will have the entire class to explore the links.
Check it out, and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcome Back!

Ah, March Break. Time to kick back, relax, and wait for school to start up again. If you're anything like I was when I was little, you really missed school. I'll be interested to hear about your adventures. During the first computer class of third term, feel free (grades 4-6) to respond to this post with a quick paragraph about your break. I'll start us off by posting a paragraph of my own as an example.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Grades 4 - 6: Computer Funnies

The first student who can explain this cartoon by posting a response to this blog entry will win a prize (click to enlarge). Good luck!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Computer Club: Strange Police Chase GIF

Smooth animation, strange chase.
Great GIF, made from news footage.

Grades 4 - 6: The Frog Round

I recently found a really cool poem, and I wanted to share it. It's author is unknown (that's why it's signed 'Anon' - short for 'Anonymous').

Frog Round

What a queer bird the frog are:
When he sit he stand (almost);
When he walk he fly (almost);
When he talk he cry (almost);
He ain't got no sense (hardly);
He ain't got no tail, either (hardly);
He sit on what he ain't got (hardly).

- Anon

If you're in the Typing Practice group, answer the following questions in this post's comments section. When you're finished, you may either read and respond to other posts, or go to All the Right Type.

  1. The author says when frogs walk they "fly (almost)". What does that mean?
  2. What do you think the author means when he says that when frogs talk they "cry (almost)"?
  3. The author uses brackets for the last word on almost every line. Why do you think he does that?
  4. There are many different meanings for the word 'queer'. What does the author mean when he says that frogs are queer birds?
  5. The Frog Round is definately a poem. But why? If you could define the word "poem", how would you define it? Is Frog Round a good poem? Why or why not? Use quotations or examples from the poem to back up your answer.
  6. Write your own froggy poem. This page is FULL of examples of poem types.
If you're in the Free Time group, read and respond to at least one blog post. After you've finished that, you MUST use your computer period to complete unfinished work (speech arts, writing projects, weekly emails, animated GIFs, etc).

  • Grade Six: Visit the EQAO Parent Resource Website and check out the Sample Individual Student Report (Junior Division). Read the information you find there, and send me a friendly email about what you've learned.
  • Grade Five: See me.
If you're in the SMARTBoard group, try out these games: Word Frog, Leap Frog, Letter Chomp, Froggyville Game Central. Make sure that you share your time evenly among the members of your the clock!
If you're in the Marvelous Mystery group, come out into the Library to meet with Ms. Bromley for a few minutes. Then, grab yourself a set of headphones and watch this while trying the music activities below:

  • For each part, get so that you can hear it continuously (hearing it as separate from the rest)
  • For each phrase in the piece (a phrase can be any unit you choose, two measures long or less), learn to hear it in whichever part has it at the time (so that your attention is bouncing around)
  • Learn to direct your attention to any of the four parts at will, so that you can change your attention whenever you choose
  • Get so that you can focus your attention on any two parts at the same time (so that you hear those parts as separate from the rest)
  • If you know how to recognize intervals, hear the progression of intervals between any two parts
  • When you're following two parts, learn to shift your visual focus back and forth
  • Tap with a finger (or, if you're following two parts, two fingers) on the notes as they happen
  • Sing along with parts that are in your range
  • Sing along with any part (moving it into your range as necessary)
  • Tap the rhythm of one part while singing another part

Does seeing the music help you hear the parts better? Does tapping your foot or finger help you hear the parts better? Why or why not? Prove your answer by giving examples from the activities you just tried.

Art activities you can try on your own:
Online nature exhibits:
Frog Round fan posts:
  • Two girls attempt their own version of the Frog Round on Youtube.
  • An unknown artist posts his or her version of Frog Round on YTMND.

Grade 6: Media Literacy

The cereal boxes are finished and they look wonderful! Now, for our next step, we will create commercials to advertise them. We're going to watch a few commercials to see how they're made. After we watch them, answer the following questions by responding to this blog post.
  1. Summarize the commercial.
  2. What is the cereal's mascot? What does he or she do during the commercial?
  3. Is there a picture of the product? Does it look the same or different than in real life? Does it look bigger or better than it does in real life? Why do you think that is?
  4. How do the children in the commercial look? Are they happy?
  5. What sound effects or music does the commercial use? Do the sounds make it more exciting?
  6. Are there any prizes or special offers discussed by the characters or narrator of your commercial?
  7. Why do you think that the commercial has been created in cartoon?
Members of Team Tackle Crunch will focus on Lucky Charms.
Members of Team Super Crunch will focus on Rice Krispies.
Members of Team Sporty Crunch will focus on Frosted Flakes.
Members of Team Crunchy Goodness will focus on Cocoa Puffs.

Once you've watched the commercials and answered the questions, work with your group members to storyboard a commercial for your cereal. To see an example, click to enlarge.
Remember: If you'd like your commercial posted online, you absolutely, positively...
  • Must have a media release.
  • Must NOT include anything in your commercial that shows anything above your neck.