Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Junior Research Project Reflections

Believe it or not, it's the first week of February already!

With seven weeks of Term Two left, it's time for us to talk about our projects. As we work through the research process, it's important to stop and reflect. If we pause to consider the work we've done so far, it will help refocus us toward work that needs to be done.

Respond to this post with a one paragraph comment, about your research topic. Level four comments will include the following:
  1. The title of your topic
  2. Why you chose to learn about that topic
  3. Your group member(s), and why you chose to work with them (or by yourself)
  4. Three things you've learned about your topic so far
  5. Sources that you've used to find information (be specific!)
  6. Things that you're finding easy and difficult about the research process
  7. How you're planning to present your topic
  8. How you are feeling about this project right now (and why you feel that way)
I'll post the first comment, so that you can have an example.