Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grade Six: Sigur Rós - Glósóli

Glósóli (pronounced “glow-soul-ih”) means Glowing Soul in Icelandic.

Lyrics - Icelandic

Nú vaknar þú Allt virðist vera breytt Eg gægist út En er svo ekki neitt Ur-skóna finn svo A náttfötum hún I draumi fann svo Eg hékk á koðnun? Með sólinni er hún Og er hún, inni hér En hvar ert þú...Legg upp í göngu Og tölti götuna Sé ekk(ert) út Og nota stjörnurnar Sit(ur) endalaust hún Og klifrar svo út. Glósóli-leg hún Komdu út Mig vaknar draum-haf Mitt hjartað, slá Ufið hár.Sturlun við fjar-óð Sem skyldu-skrá. Og hér ert þú...Fannst mér...Og hér ert þú Glósóli...Og hér ert þú Glósóli...Og hér ert þú Glósóli...Og hér ert þú

Lyrics - English (translation)

Now that you're awake / Everything seems different / I look around / But there's nothing at all / Put on my shoes, I then find that / She is still in her pyjamas / Then found in a dream / I'm hung by (an) anticlimax / She is with the sun / And it's out here / But where are you? / Go on a journey / And roam the streets / Can't see the way out / And so use the stars / She sits for eternity / And then climbs out / She's the glowing sun / So come out I awake from a nightmare / My heart is beating / Out of control... / I've become so used to this craziness / That it's now compulsory / And here you are... / I'm feeling... / And here you are, Glowing sun... / And here you are, Glowing sun... / And here you are, Glowing sun... / And here you are...

Glosoli was originally played during our discussion of color psychology (color's ability to change moods) when we were trying to figure out what song we were going to use for our Spring Concert presentation.

This clip is posted here by popular demand. To see the entire video, follow this link.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Computer Club: Introduction to Memes

A meme (pronounced "meem") is a unit of cultural knowledge that is passed from person to person. Good examples of memes are folk music, jokes, nursery rhymes, chain letters, recipes, fashions, slang, etc.
Often, memes are transmitted - or sent - from person to person with oral language. When memes are transmitted over the Internet, they pop up in all sorts of places: in email forwards, on video-sharing sites, and on message boards.
Internet memes are started when one person finds something funny and posts it online. Other people find it funny, and send it to their friends and family members. Eventually, someone changes the original image or video using editing software...and before you know it, there are tons and tons of images and videos inspired by the original posting. Memes usually get boring after a while, just like any fad. Fortunately, the Internet is always full of new memes.

Follow the links below to check out the Dramatic Chipmunk meme.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grades 4-6: Editing Photos Online

Picture editing is fun and easy. All you need is a digital image and a program or application to edit it with. Sometimes, however, it can be expensive. Premium editions of Photoshop and other editors can cost hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, there are tons of online editors that are free and easy to use.

By the end of today's class, you will:
1. Experiment with online editors.
2. Upload an image to an editor.
3. Edit the image.
4. Print.

I have saved images for you to use into the student share folder (Beverly Glen Junior Public School>1110Stu>Bromley>PhotoEditing). Grade six students should use images in the sub-folder.

Try these: *This one is great!*


Monday, April 21, 2008

Grade Six: Schoolhouse Rock

Way back in the 1970s an American guy by the name of Tom Yohe created a series of fifty-two videos to help kids understand school stuff (including American history, money, math, science, and grammar). This awesomely out-dated group of videos is called Schoolhouse Rock. Ask your parents about them - because if they loved Saturday Morning Cartoons like I did, they'll remember watching Schoolhouse Rock on TV when they were little. Anyhow, you'll appreciate these films because they're funny, they're catchy, and they will help you remember parts of speech for the EQAO test (which, I will remind you, is 34 days away).

Watch the Schoolhouse Rock Grammar videos on Youtube:
Respond to this post with definitions of the following (don't forget to include your first name!):
  1. Adjective
  2. Adverb
  3. Conjunction
  4. Interjection
  5. Verb
  6. Noun
  7. Preposition
  8. Subject and Predicate
All of the answers are in the videos. This online assignment is due on Monday, April 28th. Yes, this is for report card marks. Questions and concerns, as always, can be directed to me in person or via email.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grades 4-6: The Human Body

Learning about health isn't just about medical diseases and conditions. It's about understanding yourself, your friends and family, and the world around you.
  1. Click on the picture to explore the Kids Health site.
  2. Reply to this post with a paragraph about something that you learned at the site. (Note: This is for marks. You MUST write a reply.)

Mlle. Holden's Class: Once you're finished the bullying survey, you may visit this site. This will take the entire class. Use your headphones to listen to the sound. If you don't have headphones, you may use the speakers on your monitors. Be respectful of others, and keep the volume down.

Mlle. Kerr's Class: You may turn your sound on, but remember to keep it low. Once you've posted a paragraph, you may work on other assignments. Grade Fives: Do not play games or go on youtube today. Grade Sixers: If you choose to play games, you may only play the ones on the EQAO page that I made for you (look at the post below).