Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to the Video Game Unit!

This term, Nazareth's 3/4s and Holden's 4/5s are taking part in the wickedly cool Video Game Unit. This unit is tied to Language and Media Literacy.

During third term, we will learn about how video games are marketed to children and adults, and how they are portrayed in the media (both positively and negatively).

Students will be given the opportunity to use Photoshop to redesign video game packaging, debate about the pros and cons of video gaming in our society, and engage in meaningful dialogue about their own connection to video gaming.

To better help students understand the games that we will be studying, each child will get a chance to play a couple games, and write a review about the experience.

Respond to this post with one paragraph about one of the following:
(a) Your opinion about video gaming.
(b) Your parent's opinion of video gaming.
(c) How video game corporations market video games to youth.

We will discuss these during our next class.