Thursday, April 24, 2008

Computer Club: Introduction to Memes

A meme (pronounced "meem") is a unit of cultural knowledge that is passed from person to person. Good examples of memes are folk music, jokes, nursery rhymes, chain letters, recipes, fashions, slang, etc.
Often, memes are transmitted - or sent - from person to person with oral language. When memes are transmitted over the Internet, they pop up in all sorts of places: in email forwards, on video-sharing sites, and on message boards.
Internet memes are started when one person finds something funny and posts it online. Other people find it funny, and send it to their friends and family members. Eventually, someone changes the original image or video using editing software...and before you know it, there are tons and tons of images and videos inspired by the original posting. Memes usually get boring after a while, just like any fad. Fortunately, the Internet is always full of new memes.

Follow the links below to check out the Dramatic Chipmunk meme.

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Ivana m. and Luka m. said...

This is so funny! I really think memes are interesting. One day,when I was looking at memes in computer club, I couldn't stop laughing! After that, I desided I was going to explore more memes... after all, they are for amusement!