Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Post For Parents: Get Outside!

During our video game unit, the French immersion junior students learned a very important thing; the Wii video game system may be an excellent console - but it is nothing compared to actually getting out of the house and doing things.

To support this nugget of wisdom, I would like to present - a site for parents that focuses on low tech children's activities.

"But, Roxy...", I hear you saying.
"Don't you spend 23.9 hours a day in front of a computer?"

While I could definately be defined as a computer over-clocker (someone who spends waaaaay too much time with technology), during the summer I usually branch out and try new things. If I happen to have a camera handy, I'll post photos.

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maja g. said...

I like how you post stuff during the summer so students can take a look and have some fun. The web site's interesting and it really made me think. thanks :P