Thursday, July 10, 2008

Term One Sneak Peek: Name that Thing!

A motherboard is the large circuit board that everything else plugs into. It lives inside your computer's case. It carries the electrical information between the various parts of a computer as the machine processes information. This is a motherboard (click on the picture to enlarge it, hit the back button on your Internet browser window to return to the blog):

Motherboards look really complicated, and it's true - they are marvels of modern technology. Fortunately, you are brilliant teaching you French Immersion 4/5's and 5/6'ers about their parts during first term should be easy as a snap.

For those of you who feel the need to put your brains to work over the summer, I have a task for you. Every so often this summer, I am going to post a question. You have all summer and the entire first week of school to think about possible answers. I will offer a surprise to all BG students who can correctly answer any of the questions (even if you happen to be a brainy, little, primary kid from the first floor).

So. Question number one.

Every motherboard - in your computer, in your Wii, in whatever - has a type of part on it that looks like a little cylinder. In fact, most motherboards have many of these little things all over them. They look like little pop cans. Their job is to receive and store charges of electricity - sort of like little batteries.
You can see them in both of this post's pictures. What are the pop-can-looking things on the motherboard called?


Nikole.p said...

I think its the capacitor.

Roxy Bromley said...

Well done, Nikole!

Brianna.k said...

i think it's some sort of batterie

Roxy Bromley said...

Brianna, you are also correct. Wonderful.