Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Junior Research Project Reflections

Believe it or not, it's the first week of February already!

With seven weeks of Term Two left, it's time for us to talk about our projects. As we work through the research process, it's important to stop and reflect. If we pause to consider the work we've done so far, it will help refocus us toward work that needs to be done.

Respond to this post with a one paragraph comment, about your research topic. Level four comments will include the following:
  1. The title of your topic
  2. Why you chose to learn about that topic
  3. Your group member(s), and why you chose to work with them (or by yourself)
  4. Three things you've learned about your topic so far
  5. Sources that you've used to find information (be specific!)
  6. Things that you're finding easy and difficult about the research process
  7. How you're planning to present your topic
  8. How you are feeling about this project right now (and why you feel that way)
I'll post the first comment, so that you can have an example.


Roxy B. said...

For my research project, I’m studying the Wii. I chose to learn about this topic because I’ve always been curious about how this technology works, and I wanted to learn more about it.
I am working by myself because I fooled around lot last term, and I am trying to work better this term.
So far, I have learned that Wiis are the seventh generation gaming system by Nintendo; 15.19 million units were sold in a single day in 2006; and Game Cube games are compatible with the Wii. I have found this information by using Wikipedia and TechNews.
It has been really easy to find this information because there are a lot of web pages that have articles on the Wii, but it is difficult because I’m not sure if they’re all accurate.

I’m planning on making a video to show everybody what I’ve learned about my topic, and I’m feeling really great about this assignment so far.

Johsua H said...

I chose to study robots because robots are cool and especially the ones like a human so you have like a sibling.

A weird part was I was about to work by my self because I am good by my self and because I thought I was the only one doing robots, but I saw that there were other people doing robots too so I decided to work as a group. At that time I remembered that 3 heads are better than just 1 head. The people in my group are - Alvin, George, and me.
I found the folowing info at vidios and i tiped - aiko robot.I learned that it is possible and there is a human robot.I also learned that aiko can say whats in front of her, read, slap you if you touch her,and if you want more info, here is the site-

I think it was easy to find it because i typed - human robot, than i saw aiko robot, so i typed aiko robot and i thought it would be better as a vidio so i did do google vidio - aiko robot and there we go!

I am thinking to present aiko robot by recording a vidio and the site so the audince can se that it is possible to hae a human robot and what it can do.

I feel good and glad I know what i will do next and excited to present it.-I will present it by pasting the vidio to the computer and the audince can se it on the computer mabey on a site.

George p said...

For my project I am doing robotrage hacks. I chose to learn about this because it thought it would be cool to lean about hacking and it would give me advantage in game. I am working with gouled during this project I am working with him because I feel that he will be a good partner and he knows a lot about computers like me. I learned that old games are usually the one’s that get hacked I have used youtube and It is a very hard thing to find a robotrage hack it takes a lot of time to find one w/o viruses and that works. I will present this project with powerpoint. I feel confident about this project because I have found my hack and used it on my other computer at my house.

Brianna. K said...

For my research project, I'm studying on robots, but mostly known as "The Thinking Machine". I chose this topic because it seemed really cool how this sort of technology and think on it's own, and do all sorts of cool stuff. At first, I thought of being a solo group but I knew I would be able to do such a good job my myself. So I decided to group up with Esther and Krystyna. Esther because she has a memory stick to keep all our info, and Krystyna because she's smart and were both organized.
So far, we didn't learn much because it was SOOOOO hard finding info. But we managed to know that the thinking machine can think on it's own, and if you attach it to a device, it may start controlling that device, and that it's kind of like an organizer sometimes. We found this information on Wikipedia, and by watching videos on Youtube.
My group and I are planning to do a power point presentation to present our project.
This project was really hard because we couldn't really find the information that we really needed. I don't really think that there was anything easy in this project, but the only easiest things was just designing our own robot.:)But i know we'll do a really good job.

Sara D said...

For my research project I am doing Touch Technology. I chose to do Touch Tech because I wanted to know how it worked, who invented it and what might be the effect on the community and world. I am working with Nikole and Emily. I chose to work with them because Nikole, Em and I live close together and we all live close to places that we can find info on our topic.

So far I have learned that there is Multi-Touch tech witch means that you can touch the screen with more than one finger or object, there are Touch Based cell phones, and there are Touch Screen add-ons. I have used Google video, Wikipedia, Rogers representatives, and Fido Representatives to find info. The things that I find easy are finding the information and organizing info. The hard things are finding out if the facts are true or not and not using the same info over and over.

We are planning to make a computer collage with pics of Touch Based Technology and facts about that specific piece of tech around it. I am feeling confident about this project because we have a lot of info, pics and facts. We also are certain that this will turn out well because we all collect a lot of info at school and at home. We are looking forward to making our own touch based for of tech.=]

Nikole P.H said...

My topic is Touch Technology.
I decided to do Touch Tech because touch is everywhere and is everything and because I think touch technology is really interesting on how it started and how touch will change our lives.

My group members are Em (Emily) and Sara! We decided to work together because we are all good friends but that we can also work tremendously well together and that we can get the work done with having fun but also have the work done in time. We also decided to work together because we all wanted to do the same subject.

My 3 favorite facts that I have learned so far are 1. There are phone-watches that are all touch not like ordinary phones that you have to click buttons on.
2.) There are coffee machines that are touch were you touch then it makes the one that you want.
3.) Laptops and other devices that are touch are now coming out with better touch stuff where you can have two things touching it at a time and it will still work.

I’ve got theses facts off of Google videos, Google, Google images, Wikipedia and Wiki.

The thing that I am finding difficult about searching on touch technology is that the information that I find most information about iPod touch and other touch phones or I-phone. Another difficult thing about searching touch tech is that there are only ad and things that I already know about my subject and that either/or the sentences makes no sense what so ever.

I’m planning on presenting my topic with a collage using comic life, while have some questions in there recorded sort of like project spaghetti.

I’m felling pretty good about my project because my group and I know a lot about the subject and that we already sort of have the plan of how we want to show our project in our head.

Em.B said...

The title of my topic is Touch Technology!
I chose to learn about this topic because I wanted to know closely about the “devices” that everyone uses these days! At first I wanted to do Robots because all my closest friends were doing it, but then I realized that I should do something that I really want to learn about! I am now working with Nikole and Sara. I really like working with them, because we all work as a group, and we enjoy doing work together. Here are the following thins that I have learned: 1.) Jason Ford invented touch screen technology.
2.) In 1971 the first touch sensor was developed by Doctor Sam Hurst. 3.) They even have a Touch coffee machine!!!!!
The sources that I used are Wikipedia (rarely), Google, and wiki answers. The things that are easy to work on is finding all sorts and kinds of touch tech there are, and the difficult thing to work on is finding different information (because I find the same information over and over again!) We are going to present our topic in computer collage, which means that you use pictures and make a video. I feel overexcited and sort of lost. I’m ready present with confidence, but I’m going to have a hard time catching up!

Krystyna R said...

Hi! This may surprise you but my topic is Robots. My group and I wanted to do robots because we thought that it would be cool to try and make a robot and we would learn a lot. My group members are Esther, Brianna and I.I chose to work with Esther because we work well together and she’s good at spelling. I also chose Brianna because she has nice and clear printing, she’s type’s fast and we have fun while working. We learned that some robots have a mind of there own, some are small and sound activated (like hex bugs) and they have this chip that is like there brain. We used Wikipedia for this information. It’s hard to find information on Google because there are so many websites and some of them are good post but, some of them are bad websites. We want to present our information by power point. Also if we get our robot working we will show it to them to. Right now I’m feeling bad because we didn’t even start working on our robot.

Joelle O said...


For my technology project I’m doing webcams. I chose to learn about webcams because I’ve always wondered how you can talk to people from other countries. I am in a group of 3 people. Michelle Elsa and me. I picket to be in this group because they don’t distract me and when it’s time to work, things get done! I haven’t learned much about webcams because when we were looking for videos some inappropriate things pop up. So Ms.Bromley should us away to stop this, and still we were having trouble, but still it was better then before. We still found something’s like the webcams are not just video chat to someone, but you can take pictures. Another thing we learned is that video chat is a good example of positive use, since it allows for real-time communication all over the world. And last but not least the negative uses of the webcams are that children under a certain age have an access to video broadcasting and worrying there parents. That is 3 things I learned. The source that I used to find my information is and Wikipedia. Something’s I’m finding difficult is the searching for information. I’m finding it easy now to find videos about what I won’t. Me and my group are planning to present our topic by a video were we will talk about how the webcam works, what is the next video chat, what are positive things about the webcams and negative things about the webcams. I’m very excited to video tape this project because that is when the fun stuff happen, and also presenting and working with my group!

Stephanie C said...

Leet Speak

I really like this project and it is going great. I chose my topic because at first I was doing the i-pod touch. The reason why I changed my topic was because other people were doing the i-pod touch and I wanted to do something original.

I did this topic because I wanted to learn about leet speak and wanted to learn who use it and why. I have figured out that real hackers use it and for hacking in systems so people don’t understand what there saying to other hacker’s. I have figured out how to read some words in leet and comics. I have also learned how it effects online and offline conversations.

I am working with Miss Bromly and I chose do work with Miss Bromly because I wanted to work with a partners but every body was ether already in partners or wanted to work alone. So that is why I am working with Miss Bromly. I have found out a lot of research from the internet and Wikipedia by just typing in LEET SPEAK. I found that the research was easy to find but putting it together and trying to get started was hard. I am planning to have my final project as a slide show. I am feeling good about my work and I hope that my project will turn out good

Gouled.A said...

My research topic is hacking because I want to know the legal illegal hacking. Also I want to know how to hack. I chose to work with my partner because we can share the work with each other and finish in a good time and have a good mark. Also because he is really good with computer. I have learned that some games too many bugs so you can hack it easily like robot rage runescape etc. Also I know that you have to if the game has a policy against hacking. And that most game hack games needs cheat engine. I have used media fire to download cheat engine so can hack. I chose robot rage for the game I hacked for presentation. The website for it but you need adobe flash player. The thing that is easy so far is finding the certain hacks. What is difficult is which hack to use in our I plan to use a couple of power point presentation for our project so we can show as much as possible. I’m feeling happy so I can show how much I know about hacking to my teacher in the end.

Hongjoo said...

For my research project, I chose to do iPods. I chose to do iPods because I like iPods and I want to know how they work and how the people who make them put all the software in a small, compact device.
I’m working in a group of 4. The other three members of my group are: Shemar, a fun person but works well with others, Fatimah, a hard worker, and Sharone who is also a good worker and is also fun to have in a group.
So far the things I learned are that there are more kinds of iPods than they advertise or that are old for example iPod classic, iPod minis and more. I learned that there are different kinds of iPods with different sizes for example the iPod touch is bigger than the iPod nano. I learned that no matter how small the iPod is, you don’t judge the gigabyte of the iPod because a iPod shuffle could have more than a gigabyte of memory. I found this information on:, Google video, and
It was easy to find this information because there are tons of web pages that are about iPods. It was difficult because the web pages were almost all Ads or like 8hour vids.
I and my group are planning to present the information by puppet show and I really like this project so far.

Fatimah said...

for my research project,I am doing ipods.I was going to do it by my self but then people wanted to work with me which was hongjoo,shemar and shrone.What i learned was that ther is four types of ipods:ipod shuffle,ipod classic,ipod nano,ipod touch and that over 300 milion of all those ipods was sold.what i want to learn is who dicovereced it.My group is going to persent it by s pupit show.I am gona bye an ipod yay!

Andrew.T said... title is about the wii.
2.the wii is an intresting type of game to learn about.
3.because there good to work with and they know how to work.
4.the wii is the seventh generation after the game can put a game cube game in the wii.There are more then four different kinds of colors for wii remots sold.
5.I used wikipidea to get the information about the genarations of wii.

6.the easy thing is that the stuff I want is easy to find,the hard thing that I don’t know what kind of inromation I want.
7.i’m planning to make a video to present how cool and awesome the wii is.
8.i feel very good about it because I’ve always wanted a wii and since I’m researching about it,it makes me feel like I have a wii.

Andrew S. said...

The title of my topic is game systems or game consoles.

I want to learn about this topic because I have game systems and if it’s damaged I could fix it. And when I grow up I can get lots of money by fixing electronics and game systems. And I like playing video games, so that’s why I pick this for my topic.

I chose to work by myself because I like to be independent. And because I am going to get graded individually so I want to get a good mark and finish up my own work.

These are the three facts about my topic
• The first game system ever made was the Atari6000.
• And the game systems in this generation are now wireless.
• And right now there are 7 generations of gaming systems.

The source that I got this information from was (url). But I went to google to find the information and I got information from different sources but there not all good information.

Things that I found good about this research process were that it is really fun and I get to understand how game systems are working. Things that I found bad about this research process was that it was kind of hard to find all the information that I needed.

I will present all the stuff I learned in a YouTube video.

I’m feeling kind of nervous because I don’t really like presenting in front of a whole group of people and classes.

ryan.t said...

I choose this topic because I really wanted to learn about how robots move, dance and fight. I’ve seen a couple of robot fights on the internet and even TV it was really cool, fun and funny.
The people that I’m working with are Jeremy, Adrian and me. I chose to work with them because they are my friend and it is more fun to work with friends then people you don’t like.
The three things I’ve learned is that
#1 is that it is usually lots of money to buy all of the pieces for the robots.
#2 some robots can be really smart and they can fight by themselves by a voice activated device.
#3 robots are really cool to research.

The source that I used is:
Google and I typed in:
- How to build a robot
-fighting robots
Some time when you are trying to really find info it is hard. But if your not trying its easy to find info. It is really weird.

We are going to present are project by video tapping are robot and making a puppet show. Trust me it is going to be really funny.

I am felling really excited about this project because it is really fun because making a robot is a privilege to make a robot. I’m also scared because it is going to be really hard to make and some people in high school can’t even make a robot.

Esther.S said...

For my research project I’m doing thinking machines. Thinking machines are kind of like robots but they make there own decisions instead of having other tell them. So that means if you give them a general instruction like ‘make me something to eat’. They can decide to make a hamburger and then given it to you.

I’m working with Brianna and Krystyna. I chose these people because I know that I won’t fool around with them. I chose Brianna because she’s a fast typer and she’s very organized. And I chose Krystyna because she’s very creative and also very determined.

So far I learned that thinking machines can think on their own. And if you connect it to another program it can start controlling the program. We also learned that’s space rovers are an example of thinking machines.

So far I’m happy about the project

elsa l said...

I’m doing webcams for my project because; I want to learn how we can see each other on our computers. I’m working in a group with two other people. They are Joelle and Michelle. I chose them because I think they can work really hard and I also think that we can work together. I learned that there are positive and negative things about the webcams. The positive thing is that we can chat with people around the world and, the negative thing is that it could be dangerous for children under a sir tan age because when they make videos or give info about them self, it’s dangerous. The sources that I have used are Google and Wikipedia. It is hard to find videos because some inappropriate stuff pops up. And the easy thing is that we can work together without problems. Were planning to make a video of how it works, what the parts are and how to make a webcam. I think that the project isn’t doing well because it’s really hard to find info and videos about webcams.

Maja G. said...

The title of my project is “Microsoft Surface.”
I chose this subject whilst searching Google. I typed in “Cool Tech” and scrolled down until I saw a video on YouTube. I checked it out, and showed it to my group. We all fell in love with it at once. So we started researching it and it was really easy… But yet something very high-tech, modern, and new. Since we all instantly agreed and loved it, it was obviously our topic.
My group consists of Ivana, Corinna, and Neeki. I chose to work with them because of the following facts:
Ivana- We are very good friends and based on previous experience, I know we work together very well. We both enjoy working together.
Corinna- Corinna is a consistent worker who always supports ideas as well as the fact that she has excellent ideas herself. She’s fun to work with, too.
Neeki- Neeki is a fun person who puts in her best effort at all times. She never forgets to have fun… But she knows how to work and when to work, too.
These 3 people are also very good friends of mine.
3 interesting facts I learned are:
1-There is actually a professional codename for Microsoft Surface. Milan.
2- People can interact with the Surface by using their fingertips, to drag or touch objects on the screen. Microsoft Surface can respond accurately up to 52 fingertips.
3-A Milan unit currently costs $12 500, but a Developer Microsoft Surface costs $15 000… But it’s pretty reasonable since it includes five seats, a developer unit and support. But Microsoft Surface expects Milan to be affordable by 2010.
My main sources of information were…
Wikipedia’s link to Milan-
The YouTube video:
And the website:
I really like working with my group because we work well together and can work fast and efficiently, too. It’s fun to get together and work on our presentation. The harder part is finding real and useful information. Information we can use for an actual presentation with actual facts. But luckily, we are done with research and are moving on to presenting.
We are planning to present our topic by using the smart board to show videos and a PowerPoint presentation. We will additionally create an experiment to go along with it. This way, the audience will have an actual visual presentation in front of them, as well as a technological way of explaining Milan’s functions, abilities and many uses.
So far, I am feeling good and happy with my presentation because it is going fast and we have all our information DONE. We only need to prepare the props, PowerPoint presentation, and our script. I think we chose a very good and smart topic since it’s easy to research and not everybody knows about it. This way, we’ll teach our audience on our topic and have fun doing it.
So far, I am having a blast with my team and topic!!

Corinna Z. said...

The title of my project is called Microsoft Surface (codename Milan) I chose to learn about the Microsoft Surface because I think that with the Microsoft Surface, the world will soon become easier. From buying drinks online on Friday nights too designing your own snowboard. My group members are: Neeki, Maja and Ivana. I chose to work with them because they show excellent teamwork skills and they never waste time by fooling around.

So far, these are the 3 most interesting facts that I have learned:
1. It’s a multi-touch so there can be up to 52 fingers touching the screen at the same time
2. It’s a new technology shaped into a very unusual form of a coffee table
3. They have the Microsoft Surface in Casino’s and Starwood hotels

The sources that I have used to find these 3 interesting facts are:

I am planning to do our presentation on the Smart board using PowerPoint with an experiment. I am feeling pretty good about this project because no one in our group was fooling around and we got a lot of the research part done so that’s one part I’m happy about.

Nick said...

I am doing Microsoft Surface (codename: Milan) for my research project. I chose to do the Microsoft Surface because I think that it’s a really interesting topic. I also think that nobody would think of doing their project on the Microsoft Surface. I am working with Corinna, Ivana, and Maja. I chose to work with them because I always work with them on projects and I think that we will not fool around.
Ivana and Corinna are in charge of finding information and props. Maja is in charge of videos and URL's. And I am in charge of design.

So far, these are the 3 most interesting facts that I have learned:

1. The Microsoft Surface is made in an unusual shape of a coffee table
2. The Microsoft Surface is used in Casinos and it’s the new concierge at Starwood Hotels
3. The Microsoft Surface costs about $12,500 to $15,000

It has been easy for me to research on the Microsoft Surface because I search Microsoft Surface on Google and it has a lot of useful information. A few other Websites I have used to research on the Microsoft Surface are: and I watched videos on We are going to present our project by using the SMART Board and we are going to show an experiment of the Microsoft Surface. We are going to show a PowerPoint presentation on the Smart Board and we are also going to show a video. We haven’t thought of an experiment yet. I am looking fore ward to present this project.

Lava R. ( a.k.a. Ava) said...

Hex Bugs

The title of my project is Hex Bugs. I chose this project because I really think that Hex Bugs are very cool and I really wanted to learn about it. I chose too be partners with Dylan because he knows a lot of facts about Hex Bugs and I thought that if we work together then he could help me a lot and it did work. The three things I have learned about Hex Bugs are:

1. When Hex Bugs hear noises they turn in another direction too continue there journey.
2. Hex Bugs were first made in 1996.
3. Hex Bugs won the best Innovation award at the 2006 international consumer electronic show.

I used the internet and asking friends. If you want me too prove it then go to goggle and type in hex bugs or just go to .

The easy things and the hard things… hmmmm… Well the easy things were that I had Dylan too ask him questions and the hard things were that when I was trying too find information about hex bugs sometimes some nonsense came on and I couldn’t really find good information. That always happens not only in the Hex Bugs.

I’m planning to present my project by a slide show. But Dylan and I have too chose the presentation. It’s most likely going too be a slide show.

I feel proud of my project because I think that’s its going too be really good opportunity for me too use slide shows.

Adrian E said...

Robots By: Adrian Ensan

My topic is Robots and I chose this topic because I’ve always wanted to know how robots are connected and how they work so that I can build one myself. The people in my group are Ryan, Jeremy and me. I chose to work with them because we are best friends and we normally do everything together and we work well together.

So far, three things that I’ve learned are that:
#1 Robot parts can cost a lot of money.

#2 Robots can do a lot of things without telling it to do anything.

#3 An android is a robot in the form of a human being.

The source that I used to find this information is and I typed in:
-How to build a robot.
-Fun facts about robots.

We are working well together but researching can be hard because when you search for information, a whole bunch of other stuff that has nothing to do with robots pops-up. I am planning on presenting it by video tapping a puppet show. Right now I feel that this project is going well because we are all working and doing our part of this project, but we are not finding too much information

Michelle C said...

My topic is webcams because I thought no one else would choose this topic. That way it would be a better opportunity to learn about something different when we present them. I chose two partners. They are Elsa and Joelle. I chose these two girls because first of all, they are my best friends. Second of all, I have worked with them on projects before and we worked really well. The hardest thing about this project is getting rid of the inappropriate research. We are planning to present our projects by video taping our selves. I like this project because I love the opportunity we have to work together with whoever we want.

Kashay J.H. said...

Late, late, late, late, late, late...
The title of my topic is iPhones.I chose
to learn about this topic because I like phones & touch sensors.
My group members are Chantal and Joneeta ; I chose these people because most of the time we work good with each other and we find good things to study about.
I’ve learned that you can make magic like making popcorn and putting your finger in it and moving it around. You can also access a GPS system. Unlike any other phone it has 3g most other phones have Edge which is slower.
I have used and it gave me reviews from people that have an iPhone.
One of the most difficult thing about the iPhone is trying to search for iPhone info. The easiest is probably interesting videos on YouTube like ‘iPhone magic’.
My group is planning on making a play then videotaping and presenting it to the class.
I feel happy about this project because it’s really fun and it might be stressful trying to find websites but it’s still fun.

Mahmoud a. said...

I’ am studying games. I chose this topic because it’s all over the place and I’m curious. I chose Fouad because I can work with him after school but he said it was too hard so he changed subjects and I’m alone.
I’ve learned that making cd’s go thru a long process. I also learned that everybody though that it was impossible and the man who was creating videogames was crazy. That game had changed a lot because of one man who was really, really confidant.
Well Google. Videos and YouTube and there I watched videos all about video games.
Well cant fiend websites but I can fiend video but I can’t fiend much information.
I plan to present it in a PowerPoint and a speech kind of.
I fell like all my hard work paid off because at first I had no information and now I know a lot .

Chantal.o said...

The title of my topic is; the iphone .I chose to learn about this topic because almost all of my family members have an iphone & I always ask questions that they can’t answer, so I won’t to find out what the answers are. My group members are Joneeta, Kashay and I.
I chose to Joneeta and Kashay as my group members because they are my best friends and also because we can split the work so we all don’t have to rehears a lot.1 thing I learned about the iphone is that John Casey invented the iphone.
Something else I learned is that the iphone was made in July 11 2008.I also learned that the iphone has 1 button and the rest is touch!
I used the internet A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We weren’t allowed to ask peoples but I tried my best and so far so good! We went on; Google YouTube … There was only 1 difficult thing about the reacher process, finding the inventor of the iphone. The fun and easy parts of the reachers process was going to the Rogers store and asking questions to a store associate named kay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We were planning to present our topic by taking a video. I fell proud because I finally can answer the questions that I’ve been asking!!!

Alvin H said...

LATELATELATELATELATELATELAELATELATEI chose to learn about robots because it is something new to learn about and it’s interesting, because you put wires and pieces together just like a puzzle! I work with
Joshua and George because Joshua types fast and George knows a lot of facts about robots. Three of the things I learned about robots are that they have no emotions unless
They are programmed to have them, they don’t have any worries of injury when they do jobs that humans can’t do or cannot do well, and they can look humans, remote controlled car, etc. The sources that I used were YouTube videos, because after I watch
The video I type down what happened in the video (the videos are about robots), I went on Wikipedia to collect information about my topic, and I ask my group members for some information about robots.

James P. said...

Late late late late late late late late... My topic is how to make a youtube vid and iwll try to learn about how to put sound on it and i pick jonathan.c because we wanted to do the same topic the 3 things i learned about this topic is how to make one,how to put it in hight cwalatey, and of cours how to put color on it i have yoused wikipedia and youtube the difficelt thigs are how to put music and color i will stick this on youtube i fell very proud of this project

Eleshia.G said...

(This work is late-late-late-late-late)
Effect to learn about how did they do cool stuff, like in fat Albert, how did they get him out of the TV even thought his is fat and he is a cartoon? I chose Cheyenne because I think that I will be better with two pairs of the title of my topic is special effects. I chose to about special hands than one. And because she is my friend and, because I think she is a good person to look for research. The three things I had learned about are: if they want to make a person look like a monster they put makeup and a costume. Also they put a green screen to put a new background instead of the real thing. Also the computers add powers like: if a man wants to do like an ice slid like in “the incredible” if it was in real life it would be added by the computer. I have used the internet to look about it by looking at I have planed to show this topic by: doing a slide show or doing a video from a camera. The hard thing about this is that we didn’t really found much about special effects .I fell happy. Because no one ever knew what or how they do th

Jonathan C said...

The topic that I am doing research on is YouTube.
I chose to do research on YouTube because when I do other researches I usually go to YouTube and can’t find what I am looking for, but if I know how to look and where stuff is I can get my resources fast without getting lost.
I chose James because he usually goes to YouTube and know more than me.
My three things are

. - YouTube was created in February 15 2005

. - YouTube was bought from Google for 1.65 billion $

. - YouTube was created by 3 employees in the United States America.

Some of my sources are Wikipedia, YouTube videos, and books.
It was hard to find thing about YouTube because if I go on YouTube and search YouTube Most of it is useless.

I’m going to put my presentation in a PowerPoint.
I think that my project is going very well and that I am confident that I could get a good mark.

bilal.g said... topic is the wii. late late late

2.because its very inersting and it’s a good system.

3.Because there good to work with and there good in computers.

4.Three things that I’ve learned of the wii is that :the wii is the seventh generation of Nintendo. :that Nintendo was created by mimoto.
:You can use gamecube controllers with the wii.

5.The information that I used for my topic the wii.
I’ve used how stuff works,Wikipedia and Nintendo.
6.I’m finding the research hard because its giving the same information each website.

Emily D. said...

1late. The title of your topic
2. Why you chose to learn about that topic
3. Your group member(s), and why you chose to work with them (or by yourself)
4. Three things you've learned about your topic so far
5. Sources that you've used to find information (be specific!)
6. Things that you're finding easy and difficult about the research process
7. How you're planning to present your topic
8. How you are feeling about this project right now (and why you feel that way

1. The title of my topic is Microsoft word.

2. Because I did a little research before the project.

3. I word with my self because people are with a group ready.

4. The idea of making Microsoft word is from Bravo, and you can change the language, In1983it was called Multi-Tool Word.

5. Google, YouTube and Wikipedia.

6. I am finding it good because Wikipedia gave me some good information.

7. I am planning to do my presentation on camera because it look’s fun to use.

8. I feeling wired because I don’t have a lot of information.

Benjamin said...

1. I chose to learn about structures because I was told to.
2. I learned about crossbeams, triangles as the most stable shape and big bases.
3. I got some info from “So Many Ways to Build a Shelter”. By Caroline Fortin.
4. I am planning to present my topic by using Notebook.
5. I am feeling good about my project because of my start.

krishna.s said...

late,late, late, late, late, late
The topic of my project is web
designing. I chose this topic because it just hit me in the face it was the perfect topic I could do. I am working by myself because I have been working with people and not by myself so I wanted to see what I could do, and what grade level I am at, and I wanted to bring up my grade on my own because when I work with people the grade is not what I could have done. I learned that the World Wide Web is invented by Tim Berners-lee. The internet has a whole different language of numbers
and code’s to make a web site. To make a web site you have to know how you make it look like something you would go on it has to attract people. I have used Google and Wikipedia and the people in my family that worked with computer’s that will help. It is hard because when looking for the right information I need for my project. I fond that the easy part is knowing what my next step is. I will present my topic with a sideshow and with a interview tape of my interview with an expert on computer’s. I feel that I’ am very happy about my project because it is going in the right way and I’ am happy I know what am doing with my project.

Tiffany said...

1. The title of your topic
2. Why you chose to learn about that topic
3. Your group member(s), and why you chose to work with them (or by yourself)
4. Three things you've learned about your topic so far
5. Sources that you've used to find information (be specific!)
6. Things that you're finding easy and difficult about the research process
7. How you're planning to present your topic
8. How you are feeling about this project right now (and why you feel that way)
Late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late late

1. The title of my topic is The Nintendo Wii.

2. I choose to learn about this topic because that I want to learn what is inside the Wii and who invented the Nintendo Wii.

3. My group members are: Sara.E, Katherine.C .I choose to work with them because Sara has great ideas and Katherine also has fantastic ideas so we taught that it would be great to add all our ideas together.

4. So far the three things that I learned about this topic is that Patrick Goshy invented the Wii controller, the wii was rolled out on the 14 September 2006, the released date was November 19 2009.

5. The sources that I used is me and my group members head, books the internet and television (a little bit).

6. The that I found easy is finding information about the Nintendo Wii, the things that I found hard to do is making the website for our project.

7. Me and my group are presenting our project by making a website about the Nintendo Wii because we want to show the world about more info about the wii.

8. I feel good about this project because that all the information is coming in very well and we know what to do .

AMIR.D said...

Late late late late late late late late late late late late!!!

1. The title of my project is TVs
2. I chose this project because it’s very interesting!
3. I work in a group and they are: Michael, mattew and solyana because
I think that I can do very good research.
4. Three things you've learned about your topic so far.
1. That the nipkow system was the first system to be realised.
2. That they youto have antennas on TV’s in the old days. 
3. That the plasma is better then the LCD TV.
5. Sources that you've used to find information (be specific!)
I have yoused Wikipedia, YouTube, Google videos.
6. Things that you're finding easy and difficult about the research process
Easy: On YouTube it is easy to find videos
Difficult: some times it is hard because it gives me something elase!
7. How you're planning to present your topic?
I am planning to do a slid show or an audio record.
8. How you are feeling about this project right now (and why you feel that way) I feel nervous because their is a lot of research to do!

prathama said...

1. The title of your topic
2. Why you chose to learn about that topic
3. Your group member(s), and why you chose to work with them (or by yourself)
4. Three things you've learned about your topic so far
5. Sources that you've used to find information (be specific!)
6. Things that you're finding easy and difficult about the research process
7. How you're planning to present your topic
8. How you are feeling about this project right now (and why you feel that way)
1.the titlen is wii

2. This topic is interesting and I want to learn more about it.

3. I chose to so they could get more of it finished and its fun to work with your friends.

4. The wiii is the next generation of the Nintendo gamecube,new equipment will be made for it ,and there is a lazer in the wii.

5. Youtube .

6.easy thing is I know a lot of stuffabout the wii cause I have . hard ism writng the info its boring.

7. in a video .

8.I feel pretty happy about this topic .Because its cool

fouad.b said...

My topic is a printer… I chose to learn about this topic because im interrrested in printers and computers and you get to learn extra.3) I chose my partner because I thought that I’d work harder with help.4) 1) in computing, a printer is a peripheral which produces a hard copy.
2) In addition, a few modern printers can directly interface to electronic media such as memory sticks, or memory cards.
3. Printers are routinely classified by the underlying print technology they employ; numerous such technologies have been developed over the years.

5. I used Wikipedia and Google information because I wanted to get a Lot of information.
6. I found the searching for information because when I was typing printer all the time it gave me something else all the time.
7. for my presentation im going to do PowerPoint presentation because its more easy.
8. I feel nerves because I have a lot of stuff to do and I maybe have to memorize ie

cheyenne.h said...

My topic is : special-effects.
I chose this topic because it seamed awesome to write about and that I want to learn something new. I chose to work with ELESHIA because me and ELESHIA work very hard and we get work done fast. I learn that there is many different special effect like: there is Filipino
Special effects. And to make special effects you need to get a green screen. And you need to learn how to use a green screen . I have used youtube and Google.

I found easy to chose the topic special effects and to work . Also I found it hard to find a website for special effects. I feel calm because it’ s not that scary. Cheyenne H.

Dylan R. said...

The title of my topic is hex bugs

I chose hex bug because I was going to do robots but then I could not find any info about them and Miss Bromley had 3 hex bugs and we were talking about hex bugs and found a web site that had all about hex bugs and I was so interested in them I stared to look for info about hex bug.

I am working with Ava. I chose her because I work well in groups and because I and she were looking with Miss Bromley at the hex bug web site and she is a good friend.

1. I learned that the first hex bug made was made in 1996.
2. there is about 3 or 4 hex bug made and here are some inchworm and the crab
3. the hex won the best innovation award in 2006 Consumer Electronics Show

I use and wiki

The hard thing about this project is that me and ava are not the best of friends so we disagree a lot. The good things of the project is that Miss Bromley is the best with hex bug and give good motivation

I’m planning to do a slid show

At first it was hard but now it going good

Brendan said...

For my resech project im working on a iPod touches because they are realy cool. I also chose it because you just have to touch the scren. There are different types of gigabites there is 8 gigabites on one and 32 on another. You can also play alot of games on the iPod toch

Ivana M. said...

The subject I am doing is “Microsoft Surface”. I found this subject typing in “cool Technology” in Google. I decided to do “Microsoft Surface”, because of all of its many awesome features!! Some include: Ordering food, splitting the bill at the end of the day, sharing photos by simply placing your camera or cell phone onto the surface. By placing 2 devices (cell phone and camera) you may even switch photos and add photos from1 device to another. It’s THAT simple NO cables or downloading!! The partners I am working with for this project are: Maja, Corinna and Neeki. I chose to work in this group, because I know from previous years of working with them, that we are always organized, and we always come to a final decision easily. We always split our selves up, so each person has a category they focus on the most. My category is collecting and keeping the information, and props. Neeki’s is pres. design, Maja’s is in charge of videos and URL, and finally Corinna takes care of experiments. That way, we are all organized, and a not wasting time when we work together.

So far, we have learned A LOT of cool facts and info. About this new device. Here are some of the most interesting facts we learned so far…

1. It is currently used only in Starwood hotels, Casinos, and Restaurants.

2. The cost of this coffee table, can range between $12 000 - $15 000, and it was announced to come out on May, 29th 2007.

3. They invented a codename for Microsoft Surface; called Milan.

When I was researching, after about 4 pages of information I found that I kept getting the same info, over and over. So, I tried tipping in other terms like: “cool technology” and it helped a lot. Now, I have 9 pages in total!!

The top 3 search engines I used are:, ,and for videos and demos.

We plan to use the SAmart Board and add an experiment at the end. I look forward to this project!!!


sharone said...

What I learned about I-pods is that they help you stay came with out getting mad at someone because it will be dangerous . I tossed to do i-pods because I have lots of them at my house . I hate when my mom tells me to do something that I don’t want to do even though I have to do it any way. so tell me why wouldint you buy a i-pods.

danious.a said...

1. wii the video game
2. I chose tu lean aubout this topi beacos I like how it woks and it is interesting
3.those tu work with latrel beacose me and him have lots of interest in it

I yused the internet andg google
Wen me and latrel wer finding information it was kindov hard
Me and latrel are going tu make a video
Rite now I feel kindove nevise cose I thik it is hard

soliyana .y said...

Late latelatelatelatelatelatelatelatelatelatelatelatelatelatelatelatelatelatelatelatelatelatelate
1. The title of your topic
2. Why you chose to learn about that topic
3. Your group member(s), and why you chose to work with them (or by yourself)
4. Three things you've learned about your topic so far
5. Sources that you've used to find information (be specific!)
6. Things that you're finding easy and difficult about the research process
7. How you're planning to present your topic
8. How you are feeling about this project right now (and why you feel that way)
The title of my subject is TVs
We chose this topic because we want to know the history of TVs.
.my group mates are Matthew, Amir and Michael. I chose to work with them because we are all
I’ve used Google and Wikipedia
I’ve learned that Paul Gottlieb Nipkow created the first system of TVs. While he was in school. And he made it in Germany.
I am finding the right information pretty hard (I mean I can’t find out which of the information is true.) I am finding that finding pictures is pretty easy. . We are planning to do a slide show with an audio record. . I am feeling happy about this project. I feel this way because we have learned a lot and the project is coming along great!

Darryl G. said...

For my project I'm studying games and animation. The hardest parts were choosing the subject and figuring out how to present it.
It didn't take that much research for my project all I had to do was figure out how to use adobe flash professional. Right now I am thinking of how to present this either by presenting it on adobe flash professional or using power point.
It is also very hard because I don't have adobe flash professional on the computers I have at home. And I still have to figure out how to make game commands.
But I'm sure it is going to work out eventually.

James .P said...

My parents think video gameing is ok but they dont let me play it for a long time because i haft to get out and play sports which i do like skateboarding,soccer/karate and baseball