Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to the Video Game Unit!

This term, Nazareth's 3/4s and Holden's 4/5s are taking part in the wickedly cool Video Game Unit. This unit is tied to Language and Media Literacy.

During third term, we will learn about how video games are marketed to children and adults, and how they are portrayed in the media (both positively and negatively).

Students will be given the opportunity to use Photoshop to redesign video game packaging, debate about the pros and cons of video gaming in our society, and engage in meaningful dialogue about their own connection to video gaming.

To better help students understand the games that we will be studying, each child will get a chance to play a couple games, and write a review about the experience.

Respond to this post with one paragraph about one of the following:
(a) Your opinion about video gaming.
(b) Your parent's opinion of video gaming.
(c) How video game corporations market video games to youth.

We will discuss these during our next class.


Kashay said...

(a) Your opinion about video gaming.

I think that video games are good because on consoles such as the Wii you can excercise & on games like Brain age you can learn educational stuff.

Emily.D said...

My parents think that its bad to play video games because your always concentrating on the game and they want me to do extra work.

chantal.o said...

(a) Your opinion about video gaming.

I think that vidoe gaming is awsome becuase it keeps you entertande and its fun!!! most kids these days have there eyes stuck on the tv when someone is playing a video game. i love it

michael c said...

my parents think that video gaming is ok but to much gaming is bad. when i am a adult i well tell them to have a balance of video gaming and fitness.

Andrew S. said...

I think video gaming is entertaining and fun but sometimes they can distract you from your homework. Most of the times you have to be aware of the homework you have. When you are done your homework and you have free time you can play video games.

I think this because I have experinced some thing like this during my life.

Tiffany.L said...

I never asked my parents yet but in my opinion I think that they will say no because they tell me to not play on the computer all the time so I think that they wouldent let me.

prathama said...

My opinion on video games are:
1.They rule
2.There's always different games.
3.There very addictive
4. Some parents encourage kids on playin gvideo games.


alvin.h and amir.d said...

How video game corporations market video games to youth.
-On the cover of a video game they make it more interesting for people to buy like you,like the cover they make it a interesting game.

Eleshia.G said...

I think that some games like on "wii" it's good. Because some games are for kids that can help them, with their: math, arts, and other school subjects. Also because if their bored, they can play and also with the "wii" they can get active with the Wii sports system. So they can have fun, learn more(like in math), and get active. (And somethimes you can lose weight, on Wii fit)

Ivan.G said...

My parents say that if there is any violence or inappropriate stuff, it is not acceptable. I think they said this because they don't want me to turn into a monster (too late) of video games (oooooo). Also, they say that there are lots of great educational games where I can improve my knowledge.

Fouad.B said...

I think the people how made the game wanted to make more cool and

more incredible for exemple something that explodes or like worlds levels in this kind of game. Also they might have put more harder levels or like in mario levels get more harder and harder so maby tha'ts what they have done. BY: FOUAD.B

Sara.E said...

(c) How video game corporations market video games to youth.

Dear Mrs.Bromley I think that video games companies sale video games by...

- making comercials
-Puting advertisment in magasins news papers...

jacub said...

The way nintendo mayd the game smashbro brawl was by puting old chariters like R.O.B...
And by making maps.

Joshua H. said...

I am a green hatted person.

I think my parents think that video games rott your brain, but only for like 10min. on your "waiting time" or "free time". Otherwise, it's mostly better to play outside, and to get excersie so you don't get "problems". Because video games are so addicting, you shouldent play it to start with. You must keep a timer because you will be caried away with the time, and you will be addictided, so you think about video games, and forget e.g. work, speeches... Altho they may be fun, they can rott your brain. :p

Jonathan C. said...

My mom and dad said that video games get you glasses i tried lot's of different excuses but they won't fall for any do you have any? PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!

danious.A said...

I thik video games are
awsomes becose it is a
good to entertane yorself.
becose if your a singale
child and you need a way
to entertan your self you shoud get vidio games.

Tiffany.L said...

After when I asked my parents if I can have a video game to play with at home,they said NO because they don't want me to concentrate on the game all day and also because they want to save the money for the house but, when I was playing on the computer that day, my oncle came in and said that I have to come and eat and when I was coming down with him he said that he will buy me a wii to play with so that I won't be board all the day. I felt so wierd how my parents said no but my oncle said yes but next time when he has more money.

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