Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer is Here

Ah, vacation. After a long year filled with hard work and many adventures, it's time to unwind with summer break.

I look forward to seeing all of you back for the 2009/2010 school year. As I work on this year's units of study, I will post updates. You can always feel free to email me at my work account , or post a comment here with questions.

Here are some answers to questions I've already received:
  • Why doesn't my TEL account work?!
You may have noticed that your Toronto Education Link account has stopped allowing you to log in. This TDSB communication tool (that includes email and instant messanging) does not work for students during the summer. Basically, in September, a staff sponsor sends student numbers to the IT Department, and the IT Department connects your accounts. As your staff sponsor, I would be responsible for you online. Obviously, since it's summer, and you're not in my class right now, I can't sponsor you for a TEL your account is closed. If you're going into grade 7 or 8, you will need to have a staff sponsor at your senior public school. Make sense?
  • Is it true that the school schedule is changing a little next year?
Yuppers. It's changing. We're going to switch back to half-hour periods. That's awesome, because it means that all of my classes (excluding kindergarten) will have computers with me for a double period each week. A straight hour of computers. Now that's awesome. Additionally, we're not on a Monday-Friday schedule, we're on a Five Day schedule. Huh? The first day of school is a Tuesday. That is going to be Day One. Every time we have a long weekend, or vacation, the schedule will change slightly; after Thanksgiving weekend, for example, Day One will change.
  • When is my computer class?
Check out the sidebar to the right. :)
  • I'm an old BG student. Can I drop by to visit?
Sure you can. We always love to see you and hear about your life outside of Beverly Glen. However, you need to remember that our school is a workplace. It is also private property. Ex-BG students wanting to visit should come no more than once a month (I would recommend coming no more than once a term, so that you can have something to talk about when you show up). You must sign in at the office. It's also considered generally polite to email/facebook the teacher you want to visit before you come so that they can make themselves available to spend a little time with you. Finally, there are some completely awful times to visit BG. Coming during report card writing season, on the Friday before a long weekend, or during a generally busy time is never a good idea.

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Nikole said...

OMG! I abosolutly LOVE the new layout!!! It's so cool! Im hoping to see some of the new grade sixers! Im tottaly gonna miss you next year :(!!!!!