Thursday, October 2, 2008

Operation Spaghetti

A new computer experiment has begun at Beverly Glen, and the code name for it is Operation Spaghetti. Eight grade six students are currently working on a project that will absolutely blow your mind.

You'll be let in on the secret during second or third term.

For now, make sure you listen to the announcements, and watch for signs at BG. Who knows? You may get a sneak-peak of awesome things to come.


W. said...

Dear "The Brom",

I miss you ever so much. I can't wait too see you in September.

Guess what! I'm going to Quebec city in Febuary. It's soooooooooooo exciting!

Well, gotta go!



Anonymous said...

hey miss b can`t wait to see what it is

Maja G. said...

I am so so curious on operation spaghetti! I really do hope it blows me away. Although why wait until second or maybe even THIRD term to find out? But come to think of ti, if it really is fantastic... I beliebe it is worth the wait.

Nikole P.H said...

Hey Miss.Bromley
Thanks for letting me be in Projcet Spaghetti!! It's Amazing! Can't wait to show the school!!

Nikole P.H said...

Hey Miss.B,
Think we should tell them soon? I think there going CRAZY in there head! Anyway I con not wait to show them what pro-spa (project spaghetti) is!!! Lets hope they enjoy it!

Roxy Bromley said...

We'll talk about it this week. The three people in your ProSpa group can help me figure out how we can announce it to everybody.

Also, I have to figure out when the next literacy assembly is...because we should totally have that included in the lit assembly somehow.

Nick said...

Hi Ms.Bromley,
I can't wait to find-out what Project Spaghetti is! I'm so curious!

Nikole said...

PRO SPA has been revealed!

Sara D. said...

Heyy Nikole, your Pro-Spa group was awesome. It was really kewl=] BTW, you guyz had awesome pics=]

Nikole said...

Thanks Sara... we really had fun doing it and wish to continue it!!! Hope not to many people want to do it for ther project... :S!