Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sick Brom

Dear beloved weasels,

I'm home sick, but I'm still thinking about our up and coming Candy Computer project...and I'm *so* excited!

While I recover at home from my nasty cold, you can pick ONE of the following two choices, and complete it during this computer period:

1. Respond to this blog post with three facts about the computer part that you learned about while completing the 'Climbing the Mountain' work sheet.
2. Explore the Beverly Glen Library Site, and respond to this blog post with the most interesting thing that you learned about today.

Once you've posted a response, you can have some free time to explore the Fun Links section of my blog.

If you don't understand my instructions, watch this video (please excuse the frog in my throat, and the screen resolution, I made this video, and went right back to bed!).

See you tomorrow!

Ms. B.


Roxy said...

I learned about the RAM, here are my three facts:

1. RAM stands for Random Access Memory
2. RAM helps computers to do many things at the same time.
3. The more RAM a computer has, the more tasks it can do at once.

Andrew S. said...

Hey Ms.bromley, during the candy computer activity I was reasearching about the power source or the power supply. here are my facts:

1.the power source contains electric cells.

2.the power source has at least one fan that helps cool down the system and the parts.


Joshua H. said...

One intresting thing that i saw at our school web site is;your brain-it's pale gray,and it is dived in 4
parts:the cerebrum, the diencephalon, the brain stem and the cerebellum.

fouad.b said...

hi ms.bromley,during candy computers activitie i searched for the cpu alot for helping my work and to get a higher mark.Aniways i liked youre show in youtube AMAZING!!!!.i learned alot of things that times.I like youre thinking.
1.the cpu is acentral processing unitand its called a microprocessor
2.the cpu is under the heat sink. well ms.bromley have a very happy halloween and have a wonderfull day. by fouad.b

bilal latrell said...

Dear mrs Bromley We learned about the cpu and network card. 3 facts about the cpu is the brain of the computer and the cpu tels the go on the internet and stuff like that and it can'not be hot it will be dangeoarus.

Mahmoud said...

Hi.I learned that:

1.That the motherboard is also called the baseboard,planerboard and the mainboard.

2.The motherboard is atached to all the parts of the computer.

3.The computer could`int fuchine at all without the motherboard.

Kashay said...

Dear poor Ms. Bromley,

this is what I learned about the sound card:
-The sound card controls the sound that comes from games, videos and more
-Sound cards can also be found in tv's
-The sound card is connected to the speakers, the plug is attached to the sound card

hope you feel better,

chantal said...

In cumputer class I learned about the network card .
these are three fax about a network card:

1.a network card is controled by a c.p.u (well everything in a cumputer is controled by a c.p.u.

2.a network card is a peice of hardware that lets your cumputer connect to a nother one.

3.with out a network card you wouldn't be able to go on g-mail,hotmail,m.s.n...

Anonymous said...

To MS. Bromley
I learned about the hard disk i was doing climbing the mountain
i learned that it is in the hard drive and it is installed in the computer and finally it hold allyour info permanently until you delete it.

Anonymous said...

Hey ms brom.
1.the mother boad is connected to every thing so if there was'int a motherboad the computer will fall a part.
2.the mother boad as high ways or lanes of traffic.
3.the mother boad serves to connected to all the pats togeher.

Andrew.t. said...

the network card is the electrontic sercutry of the computer.the network card helps you conect to other computers.all modern computers come with a network card.

Anonymous said...

Dear MS.(sick)BROMLY!,

I have learnd about the hard disk.
3 facks:

it holds info permanetly until deleted

it looks like a disk

its smart!

Ivana M. said...

Hi, Ms.Bromley you told me to let you know when I finish my "Climbing the Mountain"... so I finished! I put it in the mail box under Ms.O'Hara. Hope you get well soon!!! We all Miss you!

Maja G. said...

Hey. Ms.Bromley, I can't believe you are sick! We miss you all so much, and we hope you get well soon.

Soliyana Y. said...

1.The ram is the second largest
peice in the computer.
2.RAM stands for random access memory.
3.The ram's main purpose is to keep all the memory of the computer.

George.P said...

Dear Ms.Bromley i hope you feel better.Here are my facts.

1.)RAM help stop lagging.

2.)RAM lets you have more screens open.

3.)RAM makes you computer faster

Krystyna R. said...

I learned that the motherboard displays the time on the desktop.I also learned that the frist motherboards were made 20 years ago & that the motherboard allows you to connect to other computers.

Emily.B said...

Ms. Bromley!
I hope you get well soon! I learned about the motherboard and here are the 3 facts:

1.) The motherboard can be thought as a "back bone" of the computer

2.) The motherboard is called the "Main board" &"System board"

3.) Did You Know? There are 32 different kinds of motherboards!

Neeki.M said...

Hey. Ms.Bromley,
My Climbing the Mountain project was about the Graphics Card. Here are 3 facts: 1. The first graphics card was developed by IBM PC in 1981.
2. A good graphics card has about 512 MG in memory (1000 MB=1 GB) 3. The more RAM(Random Access Memory) there is in the graphics card, the better the performance.
That's all. Get well soon!

Devanessa.G said...

hey miss bromly I think it is pretty cool that we are makeing a candy computer.I am so excited and I can not wate.

Sara D. said...

Heyy Miss.Bromley,

During this activity, my group and i were researching The network card. Here are 3 interesting facts:

1. The network card allows you to connect to other computers.

2. The network card is located beside the sound card (If there is a sound card)

3.All modern computers come with a network card built in.

Hongjoo.J said...

Here are the things I learned about the network card:

1)If you don`t have a networkcard,your computer can`t comunicate between the network card.
2)The network card was invented somewere between the years 1970-1980.
3)There are different kinds of network cards for different kinds of computers.

Nikole P.H said...

Heyy Miss.Bromley Hopr you're feeling better. Anyway here are my 3 facts:

1.) The Motherboard is the main circut to a computer.

2.) The motherboard has a north and south side witch contain many differnt things.

3.) The motherboard is called the motherboard because it contains the most tenchnology and because its the biggiset and probably the most important part of a computer,

Corinna Z. said...

1. I learned that without the soundcard, you cannot hear or make anysounds such as: music and recorded voices.

2.I also learned that DON'T eat any food in the computer lab OR ELSE mrs.bromley will be VERY mad at you. So don't even try:)

3.I also learned that RAM stands for random access memory (I thought it meant read-a-mania)

dylan r and jeremy m said...

hey miss fromley

this is Dylan R and are 3 things we leare.
hard disk
1) the hard disk has a glass or aluminum

2)it can holds a lot of memory

3) the hard disk hold info to delete it u have to brac it

Esther.S said...

Well I hope you get better soon.
Here are the things I learned about power source:
- the power source gives the computer power.
- the power source is also known as the power sypply
- the main power source is found under a fan

Darryl.G said...

My part of the computer that I am studying is the R.A.M here is three facts about R.A.M:
1)R.A.M helps you're computer to move faster.
2)R.A.M stops lagging on games and videos.
3)R.A.M is necessary for you're computer or else it will take FOREVER just to move your mouse an inch on the screen.

Michelle C. said...

I learned that the motherboard is what takes part of most of the computer,that the motherboard is one of the main parts of a computer & that it is also called the main board

Gouled.A said...

1.)r.a.m. is the something that makes your computer go faster so if you have 3 gb of ram of ram the computer whould load a lot faster than a computer with 1 gb of ram.
2.) r.a.m. helps you play games that are download and that have lots of space to take so it won't be lagging so much.
3.)without r.a.m your computer would go so SLOW that it would take years to just open a internet page

Brianna said...

Hey Ms,Bromley! i'm almost done finishing "climing the mounain" well...i know it's pretty late but i couldn't fine enough information. I've been learning about the power source/power supply and here are somethings that i learned while i was reserching:
1.) a power source is also a comtinuous power supply.
2.)a power source is a is also known as a battery.
3.) a power source has one a fan that helps cool down the parts of the system.
p.s i hope you get better soon!!! and i just need one more piece of info to finish!!

AdRiAn said...

I learnd that:

1)The hard disk stores all info
2)To get the info out you have to break it
3)You need more memory to save more info

ryan.t said...

what i learnd about the hardisk was:
1)if you don't have a hardisk you can't play any disk games.
2)you also can't watch videos on your computer if you don't have a hardisk.
3)so if you don't have a hardisk in your computer your computer is scewd up.

Maja G. said...

Hey, the Brom... here are my 3 facts on the sound card:
1)Similar to a graphics card, the sound card can translate the computers digital information and the rest of the worlds analog information.
2)The output wire is connected to headphones, some amplifiers or any external device which uses standard interconnects, like a TRS connector, to generate sound for us to hear. TRS connectors are Audio connectors, which carry audio or video signals.
3)Soundcard gets basically 2 different types of information. Waveform and MIDI. Waveform digitally records and replays, while MIDI is synthesized and sound like a piamo.

Ava said...

Dear Mrs Bromley,
First of all hope you feel a little better.
During the candy computer projects i was learninig about the Central Processing Unit, also known as the (C.P.U.)
My three facts are:

1.) The Central Processing Unit (C.P.U.) was first created by INTEL in the 1970's.

2.) The C.P.U. lives under the fan, heater.So first it's the fan then the heater the the intel/cpu

3.) the cpu has 2 main parts named:
the control unit (tcu) and the arithmetic/ logical unit (alu)

Elsa.L said...

Hi Ms.Bromley!! i've been learning about the power source/power supply and here are some of the things i learned from doing this activity:
1. A power source is a continious battery supply.
2. A power supply keeps electrical energy.

andrew.t said...

Andrew.t candy computer

The fun I had with the candy computers is that it always break and that 1 2 or 3 people like myself would have to fix it.
I also liked candy computers because when the top of the tube was full of iceing,I’d take it to the washroom and when none of the members of my groupe was there,I’d eat it.

I liked candy computers because when I got frustrated I ate some candy 1.because it would calm me down 2.i’d know what candy to use for a computer like the c.p.u or the netword card.