Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Candy Computers: Here We Come!

Could it be November already?

Just as quick as it began, first term has come to an end. Finishing touches are being put on projects, report cards are being written, and - if you happen to be in my grade four, five, or six classes - you have just completed a freakishly massive, online, seven-page, computer test.

Congratulations, little weasels; you learned a lot this term.

Mme. Holden's class will begin construction of their Candy Computers tomorrow, and Mme. O'Hara's class is right behind them - they are set to begin construction next week.

I'm proud of you, and I can't wait to post pictures of our build periods to the blog.


Maja.G said...

I am so so so excited! It's gonna be awesome, thanks for the opportunity! I am looking forward to making cool stuff with cool candy of course.

kashay J.H. said...

Miss bromley I can't wasit 'til they're done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan C.' said...

Candy computers

Positive: I like when we made the computer parts of candy , because we learned how to
build one from scratch and how to put the pieces together.
It was lots of fun eating the leftovers.

Negative: Some body in our group kept on eating candy.
The icing didn’t stick that well.
The graham crackers could be broken very easily.

I think that candy computers is good enough for another class
Because it’s fun and we learned a lot.

andrew S. said...


What I liked about the candy computer unit was that we got to observe how the inside of a computer is and looks like. I liked how we used icing, gram crackers, and some pieces of candy to make the motherboard.

Jonathan C. said...

Candy computers

Positive: I like when we made the computer parts of candy , because we learned how to
build one from scratch and how to put the pieces together.
It was lots of fun eating the leftovers.

Negative: Some body in our group kept on eating candy.
The icing didn’t stick that well.
The graham crackers could be broken very easily.

I think that candy computers is good enough for another class
Because it’s fun and we learned a lot.

chantal o. said...

Chantal candy computer!

The thing I liked about this unit was to learn about they inside of a computer so when I get home I can tell my parents of what I did in school. I also liked this unit because I’ve always wanted to learn about the inside of a computer. The thing I didn’t like about this unit was that around the end of this unit we didn’t have enough candy and we had to think harder. I think other classes should learn about this unit because it’s really fun and they get to touch different pieces of hardware!

kashay j.h. said...

Kashay & Joneeta Candy Computer
Good stuff
I liked that you know where to put the RAM, the video card, the sound card, the CPU, power supply, & network card.

I liked it when every one is sharing and when we learn about the parts in a computer.
Negative stuff
I didn’t like when the other groups wasted there icing and we had to be nice and give it to them. I just wanted to be nice so I gave them half a tube!

The things I didn’t like about the candy computer is when people came out of nowhere and plagiarized some of our groups stuff.

eleshia g. ang cheyenne h. said...


What we like about the candy computers is:
That it is fun to make with your group
Also that we get to eat the left over’s of the candy
We also like that we can know about the computer parts like: mother board, the network card, sound card, C.P.U, hard drive, and other stuff.
We think that it is a good unit because it is the same thing as learning
How to build a computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. What we didn’t like is:
That some people broke the candy, the gram crackers, and ate some of the candy
Also that somebody broke are C.P.U
We didn’t have that much of icing
We think that “YES “that Ms. BROMLY should do this next year.


Mahmoud A. said...


Well it was a fun experience and now I know the inside of a computer which were technically supposed to learn in collage.


That some people were breaking our candy computer BIG time! That's all.

Why Recommend

It is fun and at the same time its educating

Joneeta S. said...

Miss bromley i want them to be done nowwwwww!

michael said...

Candy computers I liked candy computers because we had to make a computer out of candy and we had to make the motherboard the sound card, video card, network card but we had to chose one we had to make a C.P.U. Heat sink, fan sound card, video card, network card

Things I did not like about candy computer was sometimes someone would break the candy computer and we would have to build it again. And one time we used all of are icing because one person said that he would bring some icing.

Yes I think that the kids next year well like candy computer because its fun and it teaches them where all the parts are.
` Written by Michael C.

gowsith said...

We work in group and I built the sound card and it was fun.
We waste to must time and kind of hard.

Brianna said...

For the candy computer, i'm happy but kind of lonely in my gourp because i'm surounded by boys!! i'm the only girl but i'm use to it. What went wrong was that the CPU first borke and then SOMEBODY (J) stepped on it by accident but we fixed...kind of. What went well was that we were able to finish some of the parts of the computer.

Stephanie C. said...

Mme O'Hara class have started candy computer and it rocks. In my group we are having a great time building the computer and I love that we always come prepared for candy computer and we always work hard. What I don’t like about it is that some group’s got a lot of candy and supplies and others didn’t like my group.

Nikole said...

Im in Stephs group... and I think we have the best group of all time! We have the best groups cause we all work together and not in our own world... we communicate to eachother and have shared ides and supplies :)!

Sara D. said...

During Candy computers, my group and I had soo much fun=] We all worked together to make sure everything stayed up and to make sure that two people were not doing the same part of the computer. I think the best part was when the network card broke then we had to take off all the icing then redo it. That was the best part because that was one of times that we all worked on one thing all together and not doing different things. The part that didn't go so well was at the beginning when we tried to build the motherboard on the table then put it in the bin. What happened was, after assembling the motherboard on the table, in the process of putting it in the bin, it all crumbled. In the end we had waaaaayyyyyy too much icing left (like 6 almost full tubes)and even more candy left. The good thing about that is that, we can eat it all! yummy=] My group (Mlle.O'Hara's class group 3)is now done and i think this would be good to do with other classes next year... but maybe not the JK or SK students because they might eat all the candy and icing.
I think this was the funnest project i have ever done and it would be really awesome if i got to do it again. I might even do it with my sister... After i teach her the parts of a computer=]I think every group learned a lot even if their computer broke. We learned how to work in teams better, how to share and the parts of a computer=]

Stephanie.C said...

I am really having a lot of fun on candy computer. There have been some mistakes and good thing but i think that our group is the best because we all work together and never get mad and we communicate really well that is why I really love candy computer.

Em said...

Hey Brom!
I think it's a very cool project... I mean who could've thought of that? Making computer models out of candy? At first my group was planning to munch on it all, but we kept our patience and kept it t'ill we weer done!
I think that now, that we're done, we could eat it all. Yum!

Jojo said...

Hey Brom!
candy computers were awesome! My group is working really hard. Even though our computer wasn't the best,we still had fun! We all enjoyed it, and it was very tasty!

Lava (Ava) said...

I really like the candy computer project. I think that its a really good porject that the Brom brought up with, because its a fun way to do work with candy because all the kids love candy!! Good work Mrs. Brom.


Darryl G. said...

I liked that we had lots of fun during the progress of making the candy computer. We were satisfied with our mark and we had a feast of candy at the end. The down side was that some of the people were trying to eat the candy before we were even done. I think Mme Bromley should recomend that the grade 4's and 5's do this next year and years to come.

Gouled.A said...

i liked that we had lots of fun with our group while we making our computer and that we worked together to finish doing our best.
i disliked that when we made a piece of our computer it kepte on breaking of but at some point it finally stick together.
i recomend that next year they should make also do the candy computer cause it was so much fun doing it.

Fatimah .E said...

i like my group and and how we agree with each other but it was funny that some of us were eating almoct everything.i did not like that one of the groups had two captins so when we go to ebay they get doble the candy,other then that i think that this was so much fun i think we should do this next year :D

stephanie c said...

We finished our candy computer today and ate the rest of our candy some people got really hyper but it was fun. I really think that it would be a great project for next year I hope everyone liked it as much as I did.

Hongjoo J. said...

I liked how me and my group worked together and when we built the computer parts from candy like graham crackers and jelly things. I also liked when we finised because it took a long time to make and because of the feast of the left over candy we had.
The negatives are that the icing didn't stick well and people kept comming to are groop to look at what was in our supply bin.
I would recommand this project to other students next year because it was fun and once your finished, you get to eat your supplies even though there stale but it's stil food.

Michelle C said...

It was so much fun making an edible Motherboard. The best part was being able to cooperate well with the class by trading candy for other candy we needed. The worst part was making the pieces and having them break so we had to remake them. I loved candy computers!!

Krystyna R. said...

Hey Mrs Bromley,
I love the candy computers, it was so much fun! i liked it because, it was cool how we got to use candy and gram-crackers to make the inside of the computer. I didn't like it because it was hard not to eat the candy. I suggest we should do this next year because it was so totally awsome!!!! I learned alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brianna.K said...

Hey Mrs.Bromley!!
I thought that the candy computers were really fun!! i learned alot during my studies. I thought that it was going to be kinda bad since i was the oldest and the only girl in my group, but i get use to it. :).... i think the best part about this activity was that i got to see how the inside the computer was made. what i didn't like was that some of my group members kept eating the icing, but at the end, we had enough to finish.
I definitly think that you should do this activity next year because you get to see how your students would react to the fact of the candy part and see if they would stop themselfs from eating the candy for their mark.xD.
I'll see you at skool!

Nikole P.H said...

Hil Mrs.Bromley =]

The things I liked about candy computers was that our group NEVER ate any of the candy during the project, that we never foabout whos doing what, we all told eatchother what we thought about the pats that we were making and if it needed any thing and that we always communicated to eatchother about where we were on the part that we were wokorking on!

The things I didnt like about candy computers were that other people were like we HAD to share our icing with they're group, that other gorups were coming and looking at our computer when we said not to look at our computer and that people were getting mad at us because we had the cards and motherboards.

Yes OF COURSE I think next year you should do this project with the juniors :)!

Elsa.L said...

what I loved about candy computers was that i learned a lot , had a awesome group , had lots of fun and got to make a candy computer. I don't think we had any problems with our group or any thing else. If I could pick other people for my group i would have chose them. I love my group were an awesome team. Thanks Miss Bromly for this great time =]