Friday, December 5, 2008

Enjoy Your PA Day!

Although I'm sure that you've got ways to entertain yourselves, here's some stuff to keep you busy during your long weekend:
See you Monday!


Squawkfox said...

Thank you so much for the jarring mention! Gifts in jars really help to keep a lid on holiday spending. :D

Nikole P.H said...

Miss.B thank yo for putting these up... I love the "drwminos"!!!

prathama s. said...

Stuff I liked about candy computers

Building the computer out of

When you drop stuff on your
Finger you get to eat it.

I like to be the icing man.

When other groups donate a squish of icing.

Things I didn’t like about candy computers.

Stuff I didn’t like about candy computers

When my group was against me.

When my group frustrates me.

When my group tried to make me eat stuff so they could vote me of.

When I couldn’t eat anything .



Sara.E said...

1. I liked when my group was building all the parts of the computer!
2. I did not like when someone keep on eating all of the icing so we ran out of icing so we had to ask other group’s for icing!
3. I would recommend the CANDY COMPUTRE PROGECT to other students because it is a lot of FUN and it is a good way to learn about hardware!

4. I would recommend that miss BROMLY dos the project with a Notre class. Because as I said it is a FUN way to learn about the hardware!

Athavan said...

Ms.Bromely can you go on youtube and type in twinkle twinkle little star indian style.PLEASE!