Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here Comes Winter Break

In a few short days, we'll be into Winter Break. I'm left wondering where 2008 went. Over the holiday, I invite you to post your thoughts and stories as a response to this entry; after all, we won't get to see each other for two whole weeks.

If you're looking for something to do during the Break, here are some suggestions:
  • Students in grades 1-4 can storyboard for their animated GIFs. Use Paint, another graphics program, or just a pencil and paper to develop your character.
  • Students in 4/5 and 5/6 can begin researching for their major project.
  • Students in every grade should remember to get outside and DO something. Build a snowman (or lady). Make a fort. Eat some falling snowflakes. Your video game console and computer will be there when I get back, I promise.
I don't plan to post anything new until the end of Break (since I'll be in Nova Scotia getting married!). I will, however, respond to comments or questions.

Have a safe, happy, and restful break!


Ashley said...

Cool your getting married

by Ashley in Ms.Nazareth's class

Nick said...

Hey Ms.Bromley,
Thanks for the suggestions. Hope you have fun at your wedding! :)

Emily.B said...

Hey Brom!
Your spending most of your time getting married! How exciting! You'll be the prettiest bride ever! I'll miss you while your gone, and I promise you that I'll visit Nikole's house to see Steve! I will spend most of my christmas break baking cookies and giving them out to sick or poor people/ my neighbors okey dokey^^

Have loads of fun and don't forget tomorrow's project spaghetti meeting!

Luv ya


Emily.B said...

Hey Brom!
I forgot one more thing^^
In like maybe october(ish) I was really impressed at Mario, so I playes mario games, and songs, and then I found this really cool blog on youtube this guy playing the flute and beatboxing, I forgot to show you before^^ Watch it here is the link:


Watch it! It's so cool^^

k cya ~Em~

Nikole P.H said...

Hey Miss.B (soon to be L)! So happy that I get to take care of Steve! Don worry Em... I'll mak sure you come over to see Steve! Hope to be doing some baking with you Em!!! So happy that we did our seacrt santa! Loved the gift Em! Hope to talk to ALL of my friends during the break!! Please please talk to me :)!

Roxy Bromley said...

Hey Nikole, how's Steve?

Nikole said...

Steves doing GREAT! Weird enough... Cojo like the meal worms!!! There both under there rok/ coconut house jut looking out! :P

Roxy Bromley said...

That's awesome that Cujo likes meal worms! The problem with mealys is that they have exoskeletons - and can be a little hard to digest (exoskeletons can make salamanders constipated, and if it gets serious enough, the resultant impaction can *kill* the little guy/gal). That's why I tend to feed Steve earth worms during the summer, and a mix of butterworms and meal worms during the winter.

Mr. Lockyer wants to know if you've let Steve and Cujo play together yet.

Thanks for being Steve's temporary mom! You sound like you're doing an awesome job.

Nikole said...

No... we havent put Cojo and Steve together because well we dont know what would happen :S! The butter worms dont seem to be alive... :(! Tell Mr.Lockyer that Steve is doing fine and that Steve and Cojo like to look at eachother :)! Oh yea... Happy Wedding in few short hours! Merry Christmas!

Nikole and Gary said...

Oh yea.... my dad just told me that he put Coj and Steve together for a little bit... and NOTHING happend!!! Wow! Who knew? Cool!

Nikole P.H said...

HAPPY WEDDING MISS.BORMLEY <3 Merry Christmas, Hannuka and anyother celebration! Got everything I wanted! :)

Roxy Bromley said...

Hi Nikole and Family; Glad to hear that Steve is doing well, and that Cujo gets along with him. Rad!

Thanks for your well wishes...Mr. Lockyer and I are married now, and are happily relaxing with family in Nova Scotia. We can't wait to see you in the New Year.

Maja G. said...

Congratulations!! Do we call you Mrs. Lockyer now?? Merry Christmas, and I hope you're enjoying your time in Nova Scotia! Can't wait to see you the 5th!!

Nikole & Krystyna :) said...

WOW! So I guess we have t call you Mrs.Lockyer!! :) Cant wait to see you next year ;)!

Roxy Bromley said...

Hey Maja, Krystyna, and Nikole:
Thanks, youse guys! I'll show you pictures when I get home.
You still get to call me Ms. Bromley, since Mr. Lockyer and I have decided that my name is too cool to change.


How's the break going?

Nick said...

Congratulations Mrs.Bromley! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you soon!

Nikole said...

lol okay!!! :P My break is good.... mostly hanging with friends and at =the mall or just bothering my brother Scott :)! Hey... thats what little sisters are for right? :)

Nikole said...

When do you want me to bring Steve back? Like do you want me to bring him back the first day of the 2009 school year?

Maja G. said...

Awesome! I agree that your name is too cool to change... And I am having a great time, thanks for letting us see pictures.

Roxy Bromley said...

Hey everybody,

One week left. I always found that the second week of break went much faster than the first. You'll have to tell me whether or not it seems that way this year.

Athavan - I think that I like the Indian versions better than the original. Very cool.

Nikole - Sure, bring Steve to school on Monday the 5th. Mr. Lockyer really misses him!

Nick - Thanks, kid! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year yourself!

Maja - :) I'll post one picture now, but I'll show you guys the rest when I see you in January.

Everyone - Now would be the time to decide what you're going to study during second term in Computers. If you've got any qustions about that project, let me know, and I'll do my best to explain.

Nikole said...

For my project, im doing touch-based electronics:)! Thats my hint :).

MICHAEL C. said...

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