Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sick Brom

Dear beloved weasels,

I'm home sick, but I'm still thinking about our up and coming Candy Computer project...and I'm *so* excited!

While I recover at home from my nasty cold, you can pick ONE of the following two choices, and complete it during this computer period:

1. Respond to this blog post with three facts about the computer part that you learned about while completing the 'Climbing the Mountain' work sheet.
2. Explore the Beverly Glen Library Site, and respond to this blog post with the most interesting thing that you learned about today.

Once you've posted a response, you can have some free time to explore the Fun Links section of my blog.

If you don't understand my instructions, watch this video (please excuse the frog in my throat, and the screen resolution, I made this video, and went right back to bed!).

See you tomorrow!

Ms. B.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Operation Spaghetti

A new computer experiment has begun at Beverly Glen, and the code name for it is Operation Spaghetti. Eight grade six students are currently working on a project that will absolutely blow your mind.

You'll be let in on the secret during second or third term.

For now, make sure you listen to the announcements, and watch for signs at BG. Who knows? You may get a sneak-peak of awesome things to come.