Thursday, May 22, 2008

Computer Club: Media and Reality

Reality is a noun referring to anything that is real. An event that has actually happened, or a noun that really exists is said to have "reality."

But what is reality, really?

A lot of people believe that reality is made up of truth and fact. The word 'truth' comes from the Old English 'tríewþ', and had to do with belief and faith. The word 'fact', on the other hand, derives from the Latin 'factum', and meant, "a thing done or performed".

Who we are influences our reality - what we believe to be true and factual. Can you think of any examples of how YOUR reality influences what you think?
Read what blogger Robin LaFevers has to say about Fact and Truth.

Let's use the Internet to see an example of how perspective can change how you view reality. We're going to watch two short videos that have different perspectives. One was produced by a major television station, the other was produced by a major website.
Are both of those 'real' views of the planet? Which is more 'real'?
How does perspective alter reality?


natalie said...

Introduction/Hook: Talks about how circuit and switches can be safe and also dangerous make sure everyone get a chance to try to turn on and off the switch and make sure I make fun as much as possible,

TALK: to describe my experiment I’m going to bring out the project and show to everyone how I built it step by step with my project I’m also going to use music. As a costume mite wear costume like a mad scientist costume.

Hands-on section: I will be bringing out the project my self. I’ll give a group of people some material or each person some material so they could make it a long with me

REVIEW: five different people will get the chance to win a prize if they get some questions right.

things that i will need:
3.two 1.5 volt batteries
5.3-voltlightbulb in holder

maja g. said...

Ms.Bromley...WOW! The clip about the world is what I wanted to talk to you about. It is really interesting and totally opens your eyes to all the wonderful things happening all around you, that you don't even realize. I really considered that youtube video, and thanks!

Anonymous said...

do u always play on a game boy or ds any electronic? you think gaming is ok or bad?

Chelsea said...

Here are some questions for the survey:
How long do play video games a month?
A: 14 hours
B: 20 hours
C: 29 Hours
Chelsea G