Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Grades 4-6: The Video Game Unit

During our final unit of the 07/08 school year, we have begun exploring the benefits (good things) and drawbacks (bad things) about video games.

This unit is five classes long, and includes the following topics: the history of video gaming (from 1972 to the present), video gaming in the media, video gaming among BG junior students, recent research and satistics, and healthy video game suggestions.

To complete the unit, we will: Make an online survey, watch some youtube films, read current online news articles and research from international sourccs, play video games, have a multi-class debate, and build a simple website with our findings.

As discussed in class, please post suggestions for survey questions to this blog entry.
Yes, this post will count toward a mark for your report card. If you're confused, as always, you can contact me through TEL.


Daniel G. said...

Here's a question for servie. If you play video games do you ever go outside or do some outdoor activtys (swiming,martial arts, sports camps, ect)

Krystyna said...
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Krystyna said...

Miss Bromley,
These are my survey questions!
1. How many video game consols or handheld games do you have in your house? A.0 B.1 C.2 D.3 or more

2.Do you play video games everyday?
Yes No

3.What rating games do you play?

A.E B.T C.M or worse D.All of the above

maja g. said...

Hey:P About the survey for computer class, I have questions you might add to the survey.(I am doing this for marks AND fun.) Anyways, got to hurry up...

1)If you play video games or any electronical-related games, why do you think you like them? Why do you think others like them?

2)As most people know, staring at a screen for a long time is not the solution to boredom. What other activities do you think kids your age should be doing?

3)What computer game do you like to play the most? What computer game do you like to play the least?

Hope u like my suggestions, an dhave fun, BYE!

Ava R. said...

Miss Bromley,
My questions are:

1. How many hours do you play on a video game or do you watch tv?
A.30minutes B.1 hour C.2 hours D.more than 2 hours

2. Do you think video games are good for your health?

3. How often do you play on video games?
A.Everyday B.Oten C.Not often D.Never

4. What type of games do you like?
A.Violence B.Adventure C.Mystery D.Other

Kashay J.H. said...

would you rather play xbox 360 or Wii?


xbox 360

Darryl G. said...

I think that Whats Wrong... is wrong because its completely denouncing video games and saying vedio games are bad! from darryl

fatimah said...

i like game boys so i don't blame you if you like it

Emily.B from mlle. H's class said...

Some question for the survey:
1.) How often do you play vidoegames?
a) every hour
b) every day
c) every 5 minutes

2.)Do you go outside?
yes or no

3.)Do you think some vidogames are violent?
Explain your thinking.

Dylan R said...

yo miss fromly,

how many games do u have for the Nintendo?

alexander said...

How many hours do you play video games a day?

Anonymous said...

Here's the question for the survey

Do u know how many hours u play video games a week?
U SPEND ABOUT 16-26 hours on video games.


Roxy Bromley said...

Excellent suggestions, folks. I particularly like the questions posted by Daniel, Krystyna, Maja, and Ava.

Ava uses information from the news articles we read in class to make her questions better. That's AWESOME!

@ Dylan: I have five games for NES, fifteen (or so) for SNES, and seven for XBox. It'd be really cool to get some DDR pads for the XBox so that we can play at school...but I have not seen them in any stores lately.

Hongjoo said...

Here`s a queston for the survey.

Whitch game systeme would you prefere:

a) Ds
b) Gameboy
c) Xbox 360
d) Ps3
e) Wii

Sara D. said...

1. How often do you play video games while eating?

A. Always B. Sometimes C. Not Much D. Never

2.When was the last time you had a whole month without video games?

A. Last month B. The month before C. Never

3. When was the last time your parents did not have to say " Stop playing video games?

A. This month B. Never

Neeki said...

Hey Ms.Bromley,
I've thought of a few questions:

1 How do you feel after playing a video game for a long time?
2 What should you do to not play too much video games( play outside...)
3 Why shoudn't you play too much video games?

mahmoud said...

How many elictronic do you have?

a.1 b.2 c.3 d.4 e.5 f.6 or more?

Jordan k said...

Here's my question. how many hour do spend on elctronices? A.0 B.1 C.3 D.4 E.5 or more

W. said...

Dear Mrs.Bromley,

Remember when you wanted us to think of questions for the survey about video games and video gaming? Well, I have a few that i hope you'll like:

1) Do you have a gaming system? If so, which one?
2)Do you have more than one gaming system?
3)How long do you play a day?
4)How many days a week do you play?
5)Do you go to arcades much?
6)What rated games do you play?
7)How many games do you own?
8)What are your marks on your report cards? A? B? C? D? F?
9) How long do you play outside?
10)Do you enjoy video games?
11) What other activities do you do aside from video gaming and playing sports?
12)Do you have a hobby?
13)Do your parents know what you're playing?

Well, I gotta go. I hope you like some of these questions that might end up on the survey.



Brianna said...

hey!(i'm doing this from home)here are some other questions u can add to your survey!:
What would you do if your friends came over but you were about to beat a game and you can't save?
a.Keep playing
b.stop playing for a while
c.turn it off and start again when they go home

Tamia/Isabelle said...

Mrs.Bromley, we have some ideas for the quiz.
1)Do you have dreams of the games you play?
d)I don't have a video game

Tamia's question: what genres of video do you prefer?
e)none of the above

Roxy Bromley said...

Here is an edited list of questions that were submitted during this afternoon's Mlle. Holden/Mr. P mixed class.

These question suggestions were sent via Net Support Chat. This was the very first moderated large-group chat that these classes have ever participated in. And they did a very good job.

C-JC4WG91 : Brom: How many of the games that you own contain sexual content? a) none; b) 1-2; c) 3-4; d) 5 or more.

C-CC4WG91 : Do you play video games everyday?

C-8F4WG91 : Sean: How much time do you watch TV each day? a) 1hr- b) 1-2hr c) 2hr+

C-3F4WG91 : Jordan: what is your favorite thing to do? A) video gaming B) playing outside C) other

C-DD4WG91 : aravinth: how much did you spend on all of your vedio games and consoles

C-4D4WG91 : Mike : Do people a) say video games are bad; b) say video games are good; c) they don't care?

C-2C4WG91 : Kobikan and Alex;How many games do you have tha are not suitable for you?a] none b]1-2 c]3-4d] 5 and over

C-4H4WG91 : Lucy; how much time do you play veido game

C-8G4WG91 : Emily: When you watch tv, when do you usally watch it? a) during free time; b)while doing homework; c) while eating dinner

C-3F4WG91 : Mahmoud:what is your favorite kind of game?

C-BF4WG91 : Jasmin :how many games do you have at home a) 1. b) 2. c) 3. d) more than 4

C-6H4WG91 : sarugan;How long do you play vedio games a) an hour b)5mins

C-FD4WG91 : Chantal:How often do you play video games?a)everyday,b)sometimes,c)berly,d)never

C-3G4WG91 : Suhalabini:Do you play outside?

C-CH4WG91 : Eleshia and krishna: how long do you play your vidio games or elctronic games.a) 1

C-5F4WG91 : Sarah & Lucy C.: How many kids in the ages of 10-12 surf on the internet a) 10%; b)50%;c)75%;d)100%

C-CG4WG91 : Vivien and Jessica:How much time do you spend on eletronics?

C-8G4WG91 : Brianna: why would you play video games? a) i'm bored b) don't want to do homeworkc) jus't want to have fun

C-FD4WG91 : Priya: How often do you go over to your freinds house to play vidio games a)all the time ,b) sometimes c)barely d) never

C-3F4WG91 : Mahmoud:what is your favorite kind of game? A) violense B) adventure C) roleplaing D) other

C-CH4WG91 : eleshia and krishna: how long do you play on your electronic games?

ol said...

Dear Ms.Bromley,
For our unit of video games, i think that some questions we should use of the survey are

1.)If you were to play video games, what kind would it be and why?

2.)Are video games important in an everyday life?

3.)If one if your friends don't have any video games at home because there parents think that it is not educational, and bad things come out of video gaming, what would you say to convince them go get your friends video game?

Thank you for reading!

from:Olivia F.

olivia f said...

Dear Ms. Bromley,
For our last unit of video games, these are my questions for our survey
that we re making:

1.)If you have a friend that doesn't have any video games because he or hers parent's think that video gaming can only cause bad things, what would you say to convince he or shes parent's that video games have there good sides?

2.)Do you think that video games are important in an everyday life?

3.)do you think that you are addicted to video games?And if you are, do you think that it will affect your school and education?

4.)Do you think that the TDSB should allow video games in class because some of them are educational?

Janet said...

Do you think playing video game is good?
Kind of

Do spend a lot of your time playing video games, on the computer or the TV?
Depends on the days.

Are you addicted to video games.
Yes (I can't stop)
No (I hate it.)
Depends on my mode(sometimes)