Sunday, February 24, 2008

Grades 1-2: Stick Figures

Today, we're going to use Notebook to edit digital stick figures. By the end of the lesson, we will have practiced some cool stuff that you were not able to do at the beginning of the year: Isolating and viewing an image online; Copying and pasting an image from the internet into SMART Notebook; Editing an image using tool software; Saving a new file into a personal folder; and Selecting an appropriate networked printer to create a hardcopy.

Click on the stick person to view him full-sized, copy and paste him into a notebook file, and give him a little personality! What do you think his hair should look like? What is he wearing? What is he standing on? What is he looking at? Don't forget to print him out when you're finished so that you can hang him on the Wall.


Anonymous said...

This assignment is made of epic and win.

Janet said...

Dear Mrs.Bromley
Well I think It's pretty interesting just that not for someone my age, althought I like designing stuff It is kind of to kidesh.
But really cool. I really like your blog.