Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mlle Kerr's Class: Martian Snow and Overdue Work

What a class! After reading over details about the Science Centre programs that we have the opportunity to take part in for our class trip (date to be announced), we made a chart on the SMARTBoard to help us decide which option seemed to be the best (click on the chart to enlarge).
After taking a vote, we decided that the "Solar System Revealed" session looked the best. Now all we have to decide is whether or not we are going to see the Omnimax film about Mars that'll be playing on the day of our trip.

A quick note to students with overdue work:
Essays must include...

  1. Name, date, and title
  2. Three facts from the Science Centre website regarding our trip (these facts could be about the program, costs, film, lunch room, arrival/departure times, or exhibit halls)
  3. Why you're excited about the trip: What's exciting? Why is it exciting? (Note: simply writing "I'm looking forward to learning about Mars because Mars is cool" is NOT an acceptable statement. But, of course, we already talked about this. :)

All overdue work is to be submitted to the Green Monster in the Lab (pictured below) *before* your next computer class. Feed him your homework as soon as you can so that you can move on to learning other fun stuff.

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