Monday, February 18, 2008

Just For Fun: A Two Second Tour of the B.G. Lab

Our second floor Computer Lab is one of a handful of self-contained rooms at Beverly Glen – a mostly open concept school. While the back wall of the lab is typical painted cinderblock, the two side walls are made of magnetic paneling and the front is walled in giant sheets of glass. Students in the lab are able to look out into BG’s huge, multi-lingual Library.

Our Lab houses twenty five desktop PCs, a SMARTBoard, and a high-capacity printer…plus a few plants and a tank with about thirty well-fed Giant African Millipedes. Our overflow area contains four iMacs and one PC on wheels (for large-group presentations).

The 'Technology Tree', which can be seen on one of the Lab's windows, is covered in leaves that display student work. Each leaf depicts one technological item that we use in our everyday lives. Almost every student, from kindergarten to grade six, created a leaf. Our tree's branches are heavy with the work of hundreds of tech-savvy kids!

Each class in the school has a section of magnetic wall to call their own - this is where student work is hung and special announcements are made. There is always something new to see in the Lab, computer-generated art is constantly put up and taken down. The neatest parts about the class boards are the picture clips: Each child has their own picture attached to a magnetic clothes peg. Work that they can be proud of is always hung with their personal magnet. This way, the entire school can celebrate individual success. At the end of the year, each student will get to take home their photo-magnet (hey, parents! I'll bet these photo-magnets would look really cool on your fridge doors at home!)

There is always tons to see and do at the BG Computer Lab. Make an appointment, come by, and visit us sometime!

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Ivana M. said...

Nice REALLY bad millipede joke!I wonder how much that many shoes would cost!