Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mlle Kerr's Class: Blast Off to Awesome Town

The week before last, you researched, typed, and handed in persuasive essays suggesting locations for a cool class trip. To get an A on your paper, you had to:
  • Write your essay in Microsoft Word
  • Include the date
  • Include a title
  • Include the Web address of your class trip suggestion
  • Include the cost
  • Explain how your class trip suggestion could be connected to the things that we're studying in school
Now that I've counted up your well-written suggestions, I am pleased to announce that we will be going here to study space, and more specifically, Mars.

Today, we will decide on which program we'd like to have during our visit to the Science Centre. We will also talk about what we know (or what we think we know) about Mars. Finally, we will start to learn a little about the Red Planet through online research.

Here are our program choices:
  1. Exhibit Hall Visit PLUS Two Hour Program: Space Mission Simulation (about $15/student)
  2. Exhibit Hall Visit PLUS Forty-Five Minute Program: Destination Space (about $10/student)
  3. Exhibit Hall Visit PLUS Forty-Five Minute Program: Solar System Revealed (about $10/student)
  • We can add the fifty-minute Omnimax film (Roving Mars) to our trip for about $6/student.
Follow the links to learn about the programs. We will discuss the positives and negatives about each program after you've had a chance to read about them.



Dajae W. said...

I learned that craters are holes on mars

Adrian E. said...

This trip is going to be awesome.

Maja said...

I am waiting very impatiently for the day when we will be going to the Ontario Science Center. You picked the newest and most awesome exhibit. Yay!

Janet said...

Dear Mrs.Bromley

I didn't really learn something about Mars but I did learn something that has to do with Mars.
Did you know that when a rover is sent to Mars, it is left there after it's misson of collecting imformation.


Amanda W. said...

Mars is the forth planet from the Sun and the seventh biggest. It has two sattelites: Phobos and Diemos. It's diameter is 6,794 km. It's mass is 6.4219e23 kg. It's greek name is the Bringer of War. That's what i've learned about the planet Mars.

Simon W.Z. said...

Woah! Ms.Bromley! Those are really good links, In fact I even learned something! I learned that my weight(41 KG) and on mars i'm gonna be 15.4 KG!