Sunday, February 24, 2008

Technical Update: BG Students May Now Post Comments

Blogging is the act of writing an online journal. It's a lot like the journals that some of you write for school or at home. While blogs and journals both record thoughts, feelings, and events; a blog is meant to be public, and a journal is (generally) meant to be private. By reading this blog, you are joining hundreds of others who also read it - for information, entertainment, or curiosity. Since blogs are public, it makes sense that readers should be able to respond to posts that they read. should comments sound? What is the polite way to leave a comment to a post? These questions are all related to something called netiquette - the rules that tell us what's polite and what's not on the Internet.

Here's a summary of polite ways to comment on a blog post:
  • Use proper grammar, check your spelling, and avoid "txt tlk" (or, "text talk" - which is basically a type of shorthand used when people text message each other on phones). Othrwize ppl wil thnk u cnat spel!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Be polite.
  • Stick to the topic being discussed.
  • Always remember: your comment could be online forever! Don't write something online that you might regret later!
  • Be patient. If you cannot view your comment right away, the blog may have a delay for one reason or another. Comments are usually posted within 24 hours.
  • NEVER post personal information! Posting your last name, street or email address, phone number, or school information is a REALLY bad idea. Don't do it. Ever.
The brilliant people at the University of Western Ontario have made an even more detailed summary of netiquette. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Congratulations to Lara: She was the first person to post a comment to the Brom Blog!


Esther.S said...

I think that netiquette very important.

olivia f said...

Dear Ms Bromley,
This paragraph of computer facts are very interesting. After i read this, I leaned so much more. Please post somthing new for me to read.

ryan.t/david.g said...

I can't wait intil we go to the science center to learn more about mars and if its possible that humans will live on mars

joelle o. said...

The gif was very cool! It explained perfectly what your where trying to say.

Kadeisha P.G said...

Dear the brom,
Your idea for making the gif are so cool.I love Amanda d.'s. It is so funny also.I hope that you will teach the rest of the class how to make them.

Jeremy.m said...

Thanks for being the best teacher.

keyana p. said...

Hey Amanda D. that was a very interesting show but very short!