Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mlle Holden's Class: Researching Topics Online

**********UPDATED: Links Fixed! **********
Mlle. Holden's students are nearing the end of the research phase of their Speech Arts projects. Many students have only a few facts left to gather. To help you through this process, I have collected some websites that may help. These sites are sorted by topic below. If you can't find what you're looking for, you could always search Google Kids.

Before you get started, there are two things you need to remember:
  • Don't copypasta! Write your notes in your own words to avoid plagiarism, and write down the web address where you got your information!
  • While I will always try my best to provide you with kid-friendly sites, surfing the Web is like walking around a really big city - and certain parts of cities are not always great for brilliant young adults like you. If you surf onto an inappropriate website by accident, use your net-smarts: leave the site, and tell an adult.
Amazing Animals and Awful Animal Cruelty
National Geographic – Creature Feature
World Wildlife Fund – Endangered Species
Zoobooks – Animal Directory
Wikipedia – Octopus
TONMO – Octopus News Magazine
Family Education – Vegetarian Kids

Youth Noise – Facts About Animal Cruelty
Buzzle – Animal Cruelty

Awesome American Election Process
Ben’s Guide – The Election Process for Kids
Library of Congress – Elections The American Way

Cool Cities and Countries
Wikipedia – Quebec City
QuebecWeb - Quebec City
Ville De Quebec – About
United Nations - Country at a Glance (takes a second to load)
Government of Canada - Cultural Profiles Project
Fact Monster - Countries of the World

Famous Figures
Disney Channel - Hanna Montana
Wikipedia – Hanna Montana
Scholastic – Geronimo Stilton
Wikipedia – Geronimo Stilton
BBC – Mona Lisa
Louvre – A Closer Look at the Mona Lisa

Marvelous Medieval Times
4th and 5th Grade Students - Medieval Quest
4th and 5th Grade Students - Life in the Middle Ages
Horace Mann Middle School – Medieval Islamic Cultures

Spectacular Sports
Exploratorium – Skateboard Science
Private Site - Skateboard Dictionary
X-Village – Skateboarding 101
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – Skateboard Safety
Historica Minutes – Basketball
(You’ll need to turn your sound on to hear the video. If you’re in the Computer Lab, ask for permission first!)
Naismith Museum and Hall of Fame – James Naismith
Exploratorium – The Science of Hockey
Musée de la civilisation - Mad About Hockey

Terrific Technology
Tekmom - Technology Buzzwords
How Stuff Works – Computers

Twisty Tornadoes and Spectacular Shooting Stars
National Severe Storms Laboratory – Tornadoes: Nature’s Most Violent Storms
Federal Emergency Management Agency – Tornadoes
World Almanac for Kids – Comets
BBC – Comets
Amazing Space – Famous Comets

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